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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  89 Defect Accepted High ----   Warnings clobber isearch interface  
  69 Defect New Medium ---- ----   External buffer edit does not trigger syntax highlighting update  
  73 Defect New Medium ---- ----   indenting succeeding control statements without braces (with patch)  
  75 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Indentation fails if the function declaration is wrapped  
  81 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Auto indenting shouldn't change indentation after I've fixed it with tab  
  82 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Auto indent should match previous line if they're at the same level  
  83 Defect New Medium ---- ----   indent-for-tab-command broken  
  86 Defect New Medium ---- ----   js2-mode breaks font lock in default-generic-mode  
  90 Defect New Medium ---- ----   syntax highlighting breaks for object attributes named "class"  
  92 Defect New Medium ---- ----   color theme is hard to read with dark background  
  12 Defect Accepted Medium ----   valid unicode code points not recognized  
  39 Defect Accepted Medium ----   improve responsiveness when parsing large buffers  
  68 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size  
  84 Defect Accepted Low ----   "Missing ; after statement" gets confused by "new"  
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