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Issue 25: Cancel rating does not submit form via AJAX
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Status:  Archived
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Closed:  Feb 2013

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Reported by, Apr 30, 2009
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create form with star rating plug-in.
2. Set callback on these features to use '$(this.form).ajaxSubmit()'
3. Click on the 'Cancel Rating' button
4. The form is not submitted to the server (most likely because of the
jquery selector used should not be $(this.form) for the cancel rating button).

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Form to be submitted via AJAX Form Plugin.

What version of the plugin/jQuery are you using?

On what browser(s) or operating system?
BROWSER(S): IE, Firefox

Please provide a link to where the problem can be observed:
URL: (cannot provide)

Feel free to provide any additional information below.

May 19, 2009
This appears to be an issue with the data being passed to the callback for the cancel
button. The callback is receiving value as an empty string and link as what appears
to be the first link that is in the DOM.
Aug 19, 2009
Hs this been fixed?  It's a pretty basic bug.
Sep 27, 2009
Anyone have a work around?
Sep 27, 2009
Yes. Create a new action, bind it to the cancel button (when it is created in this 
plugin) w/the form/value (via context variable). I cannot post the code for it (sorry), 
but if you know a little bit about jQuery plugins, it should not be too hard. If you 
have an ajaxSubmit action bound to it, call that (from the new cancel action) with the 
form. As the plugin sits now, it will post the entire document back to the server, not 
just the form.
Jan 7, 2010
I futzed with it, and got something where the cancel button calls supplies the right
form element without changing the structure of the callback.  This works for what I'm

File attached, but keep in mind I don't know anything about javascript, so was mostly
guessing.  Sorry it's not in patch form.
13.1 KB   View   Download
Apr 30, 2010
I've tested the fix with jquery 1.4.2 and jquery.rating 3.13 and it works as expected. I turned it into a patch, if it 
5.2 KB   View   Download
May 20, 2010
Thanks for the patch - it works great.  Hopefully they'll fix this in 3.14?
Dec 19, 2011
It looks like the patch downgrades the plugin to 3.12 and doesn't match the 3.13 I downloaded.  Line numbers and contents are wrong
Dec 13, 2012
Thanks, Cancel not working as one would expect was driving me insane.I merged it with 3.14 which is almost the same as 3.13.
Feb 23, 2013
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