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Documentation for the RowGrouping add-in
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JQuery Datatables RowGrouping add-in is a additional plugin for the DataTables plugin. It enables you to easily handle grouping operations on the client side. This plugin is extension of the examle placed on the DataTables site with several additional options.


RowGrouping plugin enchances datatables so you will need to apply this plugin on the table where datatables plugin is already applied. Example of the initialization code is:


This line of code group rows in the table by the first column. There are several stragegies that can be used for grouping (e.g. group by letters, year etc) - you can see details in the GroupingTypes page.


RowGrouping plugin can be customized if you pass various options to the initialization code. Example of the customization using a plugin parameters is shown in the following example:


Using this line of code, row grouping will not be done by the first column - column 5 will be used instead. See more datails about plugin options on the Options page


There are lot of examples of row groung usage, You can either download them from the or you can see following online examples:

Comment by, Sep 28, 2011

How can I disable rowGrouping? I'd like to be able to switch back and forth between grouped and un-grouped views, without having to re-initialize the dataTable each time.

Comment by, Oct 25, 2012

I am using the datatables to group by Name, which works fine. However an extra group row (parent) is added while performing the grouping. This is also fine. However if there is only one record with that name, still the grouping row gets added. How can i disable that? Bascially I want to specify to the datatable that if after grouping the record is only one for that name, then I do not want the parent row to appear, because there is only one entry.

Comment by, Jan 9, 2014


it's not working on searching with space pls send without spacing on word

Comment by, May 23, 2014

i am using rowGrouping add-on with expand/collapse rows.. its awesome, keep it up.

Comment by, Aug 14, 2014

Thank You So Much!! It's Really Awesome!!

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