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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
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What is Jingle Nodes?

Jingle Nodes is an XMPP Extension that enable users to share and discover P2P Media Relays that can be used to enable Voice and Video Chat via Jingle.

It is the simplest solution to communicate freely with your friends without being attached to a closed service providers like Skype, Telecom nor SIP Provider!

Jingle Nodes comes in place with the goal of making easy to setup relay for Jingle Clients, making the task of setting them up close to trivial. It also allow every buddy in your contact list to be a potential Node, enabling also P2P sharing.

Communication Sharing made simple!

XEP Location: Jingle Nodes XEP

Technically, Jingle Nodes is a Standard Jingle RTP Server/Proxy, intend to provide easy to use Relay that can be used in ICE-UDP and also on RAW-UDP Jingle Clients.

Why Jingle Nodes?

In the creation of the very first version of the Jingle Protocol, one of the main goals was to achieve a P2P enable protocol, that would depend on XMPP for routing, but would be also able to negotiate sessions and exchange content without main proxy servers like present SIP deployments.

After 5 years we still don't have any massive deployments containing and fully supported the current specifications, and even the closer to the specification ones are suffering when P2P is not possible and relay is required and there is no available ones.

That is the problem Jingle Nodes proposes to solve.

This project is sponsored by NLnet Foundation:

The Jingle Nodes Logo is a generous contribution from: Fernando Lins - Graphic and Interface Designer

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