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How to build Jing and Trang from source
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by
  1. Ensure you have a Subversion client installed. On Windows, I like the Slik SVN packages.
  2. Check out the source from the project's repository.
  3. Follow the instructions in readme.txt.
Comment by, Jul 13, 2009

had issues in cygwin. if you follow the the readme as if you don't have cygwin installed you should be fine. i.e. use a cmd prompt (not cygwin), set JAVA_HOME to the windows path. and include ant in your Path. (I usually use eclipse so I don't run ant directly)

Comment by, Apr 24, 2010


The jing-20030619.jar is available in the central maven repository. But I cannot find the jing-20091111. Is it possible to get this jar from the central maven repo?

Thanks, Norbi

Comment by, Apr 7, 2012

The build wasn't working for me on my home machine (ubuntu) but worked fine on my work machine (winxp), and I was getting this error:

Failed to load com.icl.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl? via the configured classpath, will try Ant's classpath instead.

I fixed this by adding this tag within every <xslt/> tag in the build files:

<classpath location="lib/saxon.jar"/>
Comment by project member georgebina76, Jan 29, 2013

Hi Dominic,

I think you get this error because you use

instead of
to build the project. If you encounter problems when you use ./ant please report that as a bug.

Regards, George

Comment by, Jul 14, 2014

Note that the ant script is set as native line endings; this should really be LF to make sure it works everywhere (e.g. on windows crlf is native, but several shells (e.g. cygwin bash) expect scripts to be LF).

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