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- SOC Container (Service Oriented Container) focused on managing and composing Services and other elements (as pojos, components etc...).

- Create and test faster your Integration/SOA/RIA applications (or prototypes) creating services using annotations and composition of other services as Mule, Jetty, jBPM, Hibernate, Rules,...).

- Implement lightweight SOA using jee/java and ruby.

- Create proxy dynamic services using just an abstract class + annotations + composition of other services.

- Use the core annotations to create and configure your services or extend them to create new ones.

- Create work flows of services in a graphical way using the native jBPM support.

- Create your dynamic business services using service composition (+ Spring, AOP, TX, Hibernate etc).

- Integrated with GWT/Spring MVC to create SOC-RIA applications.

- Introducing the Gwlets/Widglets components, similar in concept to portlets/applets but using GWT widgets and embedded services.

- Have a look at the services examples and the getting started guide to have an idea of what you can do (also at the lightweight SOA case study for an advanced example).


  • Proxy Abstract Services and dynamic composition: create services using abstract classes and annotations without providing any implementation.
  • Annotation inheritance, create your customs annotations from the corea annotations.
  • Compose your service workflows graphically using the jBPM native support.
  • Implement services using Java or Ruby.
  • 100% Annotation based configuration (plus .properties files for externalization).
  • Can be used as a standalone container, in a web environment or integrated with other containers.
  • Spring native support (Spring/Spring MVC).
  • Testing support integrated within the framework using static Assert classes.
  • Monitor and manage the services through JMX (status, start, stop...).
  • Spring native support (Spring/Spring MVC).
  • Maven plugin.
  • Several embedded services are provided out of the box and ready to use:
- Embedded-database (HSQLDB/ Derby).
- Mule-Service and client (native support + validation-service).
- jBPM-Service (native support).
- JMSBroker-Service and client (ActiveMQ).
- CXFServer-Service (Apache CXF webservices).
- GWT-Service (Google Web Toolkit integration + SpringMVC).
- GWlet-Service (introducing the gwlets and widglets components).
- Spring-Service (native support + supporting services: i18n, validation, hibernate/jpa, aop, orm and mvc).
- Jetty-Service and Http-Client.
- Jdbc-Service (HSQLDB / Derby).
- Tomcat-Service and Http-Client.
- Jasper-Service (compiler).
- jRuby-Service.
- Validation-Service (annotation based, oval).
- Dao-Service (ORM).
- Hibernate-Service.
- Agent-Service.
- JMX-Service.
- Rules-Service (Drools).
- Properties Service.
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