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The open-source JCombinatorial library facilitates parameterized testing with JUnit in an efficient manner. It consists of a series of parameter factories, each of which suits a different purpose.

Each factory takes a set of possible values for each test parameter and creates a list of value arrays, each of which represents the parameter values to be used for a single test-case of a parameterized JUnit test. The factories are as follows:

  • AllValuesParameterFactory, which generates parameters for the minimum number of test-cases required to test all given values of each parameter. (This is the most efficient factory and is recommended for smoke tests.)
  • AllCombinationsParameterFactory, which generates all possible combinations of the given parameter values. (This exhaustive factory is recommended when the time required to execute each test-case is very short and the consequence of leaving a bug undiscovered would be quite severe.)

This library was developed by Jeremy Reeder at and is subject to the terms of the New BSD License. Copyright © MMXI, LLC. Portions copyright © MMX Ng Pan Wei. (JWise library) Further details of the license agreements can be found within the downloadable package.

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