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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
Project Information

jSSC (Java Simple Serial Connector) - library for working with serial ports from Java. jSSC support Win32(Win98-Win8), Win64, Linux(x86, x86-64, ARM), Solaris(x86, x86-64), Mac OS X 10.5 and higher(x86, x86-64, PPC, PPC64). Documentation and examples you can find in wiki.

jSSC-2.8.0 published in Maven Central Repo:|ga|1|jssc

jSSC-2.8.0 Changelog


  • Important! Fixed bug with port handles potential leakage. Thanks to Cristian Maglie for complete bug-report


  • Added method "writeString(String string, String charsetName)"
  • Added method "getNativeLibraryVersion" in "SerialNativeInterface" class
  • Enabled Java and Native libraries versions mismatch check

All new downloads will be available on GitHub:

jSSC-2.6.0 Changelog


  • Linux x86 and x86-64 was builded on Ubuntu 10.04 and don't depends GLIBC-2.15 unlike jSSC-2.5.0


  • Added - "Darwin" and os.arch - "universal" support. It can be useful for MacOS X developers
  • Added ttyO to Linux RegExp for listing OMAP serial devices
  • Added JSSC_IGNPAR and JSSC_PARMRK properties for enabling IGNPAR and PARMRK flags in _nix termios structure

jSSC-2.5.0 Changelog


  • Important! Fixed bug in MacOS X native readBytes() method
  • Important! Fixed bug with garbage reading on Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, cause of incorrect using of VMIN and VTIME. Now "read" methods works correctly and are blocking like in Windows
  • Important! Fixed error with garbage reading in Windows using jSSC after another application used serial port. To prevent this effect COMMTIMEOUTS structure zeroing added to setParams() method
  • Important! The port handle now stored in variable of type "long" instead of "int", to prevent potential problems with type conversions on Win64
  • Fixed MacOS X 10.8 bug with native lib loading (.dylib -> .jnilib)
  • Fixed Linux error with exclusive access to serial port (TIOCEXCL). TIOCNXCL added to closePort() method for clearing exclusive access
  • Fixed Windows native lib port name concatenation error
  • Fixed native lib extraction path if user home is read only, in this situation lib will be extracted to tmp folder
  • Null port name fix. If try to invoke method openPort() for SerialPort(null) object, exception TYPE_NULL_NOT_PERMITTED will be thrown
  • Enabled TIOCEXCL support in Solaris


  • Added ARM Soft & Hard float support (Tested of Raspberry Pi with Oracle JDK(6-7-8))
  • Added ttyACM, ttyAMA, rfcomm to Linux RegExp and tty.usbmodem to MacOS X RegExp
  • Added precompiled RegExp's for Linux, Solaris, MacOS X for more faster port listing
  • Added private common for Linux, Solaris, MacOS X method getUnixBasedPortNames() for listing serial ports
  • Rewrited comparator for sorting port names. Now it's a common comparator for Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS X
  • Added some syntax sugar to SerialPortList class, for changing search path, RegExp and comparator
  • Added timeouts for read operations and SerialPortTimeoutException class for catching timeout exceptions
  • Added JSSC_NO_TIOCEXCL JVM property for disable using of exclusive access to serial port
  • Added termios(_nix) and DCB(Windows) structure cheking on port opening, it helps separate real serial devices from others
  • Added "ERR_" constants into SerialNativeInterface
  • Added new exception TYPE_INCORRECT_SERIAL_PORT
  • Added new exception TYPE_PERMISSION_DENIED. It can be very useful for _nix based system if user have no permissions for using serial device
And other little modifications...

If you like jSSC, please support project. You can write about jSSC in your twitter, blog, web-site, forum and etc. Also you can write me a letter with some words about your project where you use jSSC lib: And of course, if you want, you can make a donation. Your help is very important for me.

If you have some questions or you want just say "Thank you", mail me:

With Best Regards Sokolov Alexey.

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