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Issue 1: Manual instructions do not work
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Status:  Accepted
Owner:  ----

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Reported by, Oct 6, 2012
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Downloaded the
2. Unzipped in a target server env
3. Tried to build with ant
4. Fails with missing class errors (e.g. colt)
5. Downloaded the third party jar. Expanded it onto the server. Hacked the build.xml to include the jars in the class path and rebuilt.
6. The built jar build/jar/jmatbench.jar does not match that in the manual (benchmark_app.jar).
7. Trying to run the generated jar does not work.

$ java -jar build/jar/jmatbench.jar
The jar file is missing the manifest entry for the main class: build/jar/jmatbench.jar

Looks like a great tool, just wish I could use it!
Oct 6, 2012
Project Member #1
I'll update the instructions and the stable release, but of which are out of date.
Status: Accepted
Sep 16, 2013
Project Member #2
I'm in the process of updating the project.  Looks like you didn't type "ant app" and instead typed "ant".  The new version will create the application by default if you type "ant".
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