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Issue 33: channel activity not appearing in overview
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Status:  Accepted
Owner:  andyster

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Project Member Reported by andyster, Mar 14, 2009
perhaps the _who_cares_web in common/ is doing something wrong for channels, will have 
to investigate
Mar 27, 2009
Project Member #1
Unable to reproduce this locally. I'm seeing channel activities in overview. Attached
a screenshot.
145 KB   View   Download
Mar 27, 2009
Project Member #2 adewale
Take a look at this url: The second post
does not appear in the overview for other users of OpenKu even though they're all
followers of the openku user.

You can sign up for an account on openku to test it out but this problem can still be
reproduced on a deployed JaikuEngine instance. OpenKu is currently running r31 of the
JaikuEngine codebase.
Apr 2, 2009
Project Member #3 andyster
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Status: Accepted
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Jan 9, 2011
#4 gootch2
Yeah, it shows up fine in Overview, but not "Your Posts" (what other users see when they check your profile) ... i think that's the issue being described.
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