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Roadmap for future iUI releases.
Updated Oct 16, 2012 by


This is the roadmap.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the developers of iUI are volunteers and this roadmap is in no way a commitment that any of these proposed features will ever be completed.

Release 0.4 (RELEASED August 11, 2012)


Release Notes

Note: iUI 0.4 has been released but we still need to close some issues in the Issues DB and update the below list

Release 0.4 features and fixes not final, but a proposed list is here:

  • Support for custom Themes (aka "skins")
  • Clean up form handling and documentation
  • Extensibility
    • #24 - Hook to call add-ons when fragments are Ajax-loaded
    • This should enable some other interesting features as add-ons (script loading, etc)
  • Sandbox Extensions (i.e. pre-alpha or alpha)
    • iScroll - Scrolling under NavBar and under a fixed Tab Bar, etc. (iScroll Extension Wiki Page)
    • HTML 5 Cache Manager
    • Google Analytics
    • JavaScript loader - loads/runs JavaScript in views loaded via AJAX ("just in time")
    • TbBMod - modifies navbar buttons on the fly - and more!
    • Masabi - provides calendar control, sliding form-picker panels, etc.
  • Sandbox Themes
    • iPhoneDevCamp theme
    • Default theme using gradients
    • Android Theme
    • WebOS Theme
  • Some bug fixes previously slated for 0.30
  • High priority bug fixes
  • OPEN Issues currently slated to be Addressed in 0.40
  • ALL Issues currently slated to be Addressed in 0.40

Release 0.4.1 (October 2012)

Release 0.5 (Unstable release - November 2012)

Release 0.6

  • Stable release of features developed during 0.5

Release 0.7

Release 0.8

  • Stable release of 0.7 features

Release 0.9

  • Working towards the "final" release 1.0

Release 1.0

  • Final release of original iUI.

Release 2.0

  • Other significant changes


  • Clean up iUI architecture, expand functionality, better docs and examples.
    • More error handling
    • Better docs and samples, including some backend code in a variety of languages (anyone want to contribute?).
    • Investigate larger architecture issues, such as optional callbacks.
  • Demonstrate other kinds of iPhone user interfaces
    • Tabs (like in the iTunes Wi-Fi app)
    • Moving items up/down
    • Other
  • Make examples that work with AdMob and Google Mobile Adsense.
  • Investigate ability to turn off iPhone specific UI elements when run on non-iPhone webkit phones, yet still functional.
  • Take advantage of any new features offered by updates to Mobile Safari.
  • Microformat for identifying iPhone web apps.
Comment by project member, Feb 23, 2008

PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST FEATURES HERE. PLEASE enter the in the ISSUES TRACKER. Issues in the issues tracker (Issues tab, above) will be prioritized and possibly implemented in future releases.

Thank you!

Comment by, Jun 9, 2008

Find link to sample project for ASP.NET here: You're welcome to include this in the future release. Also see Aaron Lerch's blog for ASP.NET MVC samples:

Comment by, Dec 8, 2009

Hey Joe,

You said 0.4 would be beta in October, live in November... I assume this has slipped or is 0.4 available somewhere?



Comment by project member, Dec 8, 2009

Joe didn't say beta in October, I did, but that was 'tentative' as this is a volunteer project. There is a development pre-release of 0.4 available and it is pretty solid (over 3,000 downloads and few complaints). A new development release is coming soon. I've updated the Roadmap to reflect the 'slippage'. -- Sean

Comment by, Jul 30, 2010

I assume this project has been abandoned? I have been hoping for an update since December. Can anyone recommend a good alternative? (Free or fee.)

Comment by project member, Jul 30, 2010

Not abandoned, dude. Check the lists, check the repo. Release coming soon...

Comment by, Jul 31, 2010

I have checked the lists... the OPEN list has looked pretty much the same for seven months now. Looking forward to a new release. Glad to hear work is still being done.

Comment by, Sep 2, 2010

Thanks for sharing a such project, its working like a charm, make me verrrry happy :-)

Good luck for futur dev..

Comment by, Jan 20, 2011


I compare the IUI with JQTouch, Extjs, JQueryMobile, and other thousands of framework. Only IUI work on all platforms, with HIGH performance!!!

really great!

Comment by, Feb 24, 2011 IUI don't have the same features of QTouch, Extjs, JQueryMobile, and other thousands of framework :-) Also, the development seems to stand still for several months

Comment by project member, Feb 24, 2011

We are hard at work on next 0.40dev3 release, in order to get it stable enough for official 0.40. Of course, iUI doesn't compete on feature numbers since there is no point to clone others... we focus on keeping lightest and simpliest as possible to get stuffs done without having to learn JQuery or another API

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