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NOTE: After getting feedback, we realized that FTP is a better platform to use for sync. Please click here for our FTP-based version, that supports multiple OSes. We will continue maintaining this version of IQBox-SVN.

IQBox is a Windows program (SVN client) that lets you keep files in sync automatically using any SVN (Subversion) server. (SVN servers are free too!)

Get Started

Main features

  • Silently syncs across any number of computers. (SVN knowledge recommended for now.)
  • Only uploads parts of a large file that change, making it super-quick!
  • Real-time file access detection.
  • Uses any standard SVN server! Supports SSL.

Other Features

  • Only syncs when CPU is below 75% to minimize system impact (unless this keeps going on, it which case it eventually syncs after a few hours.)
  • Runs sync operations in a "Below Normal" priority thread to ensure there's no interruptions.
  • Unobtrusive system tray icon.
  • Easy setup wizard.
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