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iPhone interface to MediaPortal


iPiMP is a web interface for MediaPortal specifically designed for the iPhone, but also works with any Smartphone or device that uses a webkit based browser. It uses MediaPortal interfaces to communicate with both the TV Server and MediaPortal clients.

iPiMP consists of thre components, the iPiMP web application rendered on your smartphone browser (which must be webkit based), a MediaPortal plugin to allow access MediaPortal clients and a TV Server plugin to transcode recordings into MP4 files.

The iPiMP MediaPortal plugin is also used by the awesome Yatse application, originally written for XBMC it now supports MediaPortal thanks to the iPiMP plugin. If you're here looking for the plugin it's listed on the featured downloads panel to your left (MPClientController.x.x.x.xxxx.mpe1), as is a wiki page describing its install (MPClientController).

You can use iPiMP to interact with your MediaPortal TV Server allowing you to view your TV or Radio guide, read program details, schedule programs to be recorded, email program details as well as view, manage & watch your existing recordings. Watching live TV is currently an experimental feature. There is a status facility allowing you to view the status of your services, disk capacity and tv card activity, you can also stop a card when timeshifting if you want to kick someone off.

You can also use iPiMP to interact with your MediaPortal clients, you can use it as a remote control, browse/play your video and music databases on your MediaPortal clients, send messages to popup on your MediaPortal clients, view now playing information and startup/shutdown/reboot/standby/hibernate your clients. The client functionality will be extended to provide additional features for other MediaPortal plugins.

Current features

TV Programs

  • Browse TV guides by day & channel
  • Search TV guides
  • Now & Next
  • Schedule programs
  • Email program details
  • Stream live TV

Radio Programs

  • Browse Radio guides by day & channel
  • Search Radio guides
  • Now & Next
  • Schedule programs
  • Email program details


  • Browse recordings by date, channel & genre
  • Watch recordings
  • Delete recordings
  • Manage recordings
  • Transcode recordings


  • Browse schedules
  • Delete schedules


  • Card status / stop if timeshifting
  • Service status
  • Disk status
  • Transcode status

MediaPortal Clients

  • Remote control
  • My Music
  • My Videos
  • Moving Pictures
  • Now Playing
  • Message
  • Power options


  • Login/Logout
  • Create user
  • User permissions - read(default), record, delete, watch(wip) & admin
  • Delete user
  • Change password
  • MediaPortal clients (add, delete, edit)

iPiMP uses uses video streaming technology by CodeShop

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