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iPhoneList is a Windows-based folder browser for your iPhone. It supports copying files to and from the iPhone (Drag and drop to iPhone), as well as basic file-management functions for the iPhone itself (create folder, delete files and folders).


  • Added the About Box (woohoo)
  • Added Application Categories to the Applicaton list.
  • Code Cleanup - loads Application list faster.


  • Added full iPhoneLinks (Favorites menu) with ability to add new links - they are stored in Prefs.
  • Cleaned up prefs storage
  • Fixed File / Exit


  • iPhoneList now looks for iTunesMobileDevice.dll - you don't need to copy it.
  • Office 2003-like toolbars
  • Copy to deivce fixed
  • Configurable file / folder recognition
  • Performance improvements
  • Added the foundations for "Favorites"
  • User Preferences saved and reloaded
  • REALLY CLOSE to decoding binary plists



  • Copy Files / Folders to iPhone (Drag & Drop)
  • Get Files / Folders from the iPhone
  • Create new Folders
  • Delete Files / Folders
  • Preview text files.
  • Show Strings in binary files.

Under Development:

  • Decode, Preview, and Edit binary property files (.plist)
  • Preview Apple-formatted PNG files.
  • Convert binary Property list files on Copy (both directions)
  • Convert Apple-formatted PNG files (both directions)
  • Theme Installer (working with digitalKid)
  • RingTone Installer
  • System Sounds Replacement
  • Application / Package Installer / Manager

If you don't have a "phonedmg" folder, you can get the iTunesMobileDevice.dll that's required in your C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin folder. Make sure it's in the same folder as iPhoneList.

It's based on a modified superset of manzana, an iPhone class library created by Peter Dennis Bartok.

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