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This is the temporary home of the iPhone Elite development team's work. It was created after Zibri commandeered the first Elite wiki when he was booted from the combined teams.

No contributions

One of the founding principles of Elite from day one was "we don't accept money" (you can see that founding quote still below in the original "About us" paragraph). It was about fun, not profit. Zibri is now actively seeking contributions and uses sponsored ads on his blog. That's how far he's fallen from the Elite team ideals. (That, and publishing/selling an illegal IMEI changer).


Zibri's unauthorized release of the Jerrysim code has effectively killed this exploit (actually, this entire class of exploits). The code leak pointed Apple exactly to what needs to be fixed, and now it will be fixed before the kinks of Jerrysim can be worked out. So it was a wreckless leak with no practical purpose other than to derail the efforts of a team he was no longer welcome on. The community lost an exploit for no reason other than personal spite.


Zibri basically just leaked it and changed the credits to his own name. That's it. Gray did all of the work, Zibri was not involved at all. If he had done anything for it, I would be fair and say that he had, but he didn't. It's no different than if any person from outside the dev team got ahold of a beta copy, and did the same. He can talk all he wants about the 'crazy ones, misfits, etc.' but all he did was just steal something from someone (Gray), claim it as his own, and release it before it was ready because he was pissed off for being voted out of the team.

There are thousands upon thousands of people that will download and use that piece of software without ever giving so much as an iota of thought to how hard this one, individual person worked to make this happen for you all free of charge. So for those of you who say 'bravo for releasing' to Zibri, please be aware that you're also saying 'screw you' to Gray, the guy who actually did all the work.


This page is more of a repository for what was the former 'iphone-elite' team. All of this info will be migrating to a new site that is the result of the union of the former 'iphone-elite' and 'dev team'.

About us: We don't like secrecy, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and we're not out to make money. If you want to help, you can keep us company on IRC (we stay up very late) or send us iPhones (working or not) for testing. Monetary contributions are not accepted. If you have money you want to donate, please donate it to a good charity.

The "iPhone Elite" name started out as a joke when the iPhone Dev Team forked due to some personality issues. Fortunately, these issues are now long past us and the Dev Team and Elite Team are now reunited and working together cooperatively.


Unlock 4.6 Bootloader Hardware method available (requires phone disassembly)
Unlock 4.6 Bootloader (software) Under heavy development
Unlock 1.1.3 (on 3.9) Almost completed - expect an imminent release
Unlock 1.1.2 (on 3.9) Completed
Jailbreak 1.1.3 "Soft-update" jailbreak available
Jailbreak 1.1.2 Completed
True (like IPSF) unlock for 3.9 bootloader Under heavy development

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask a question, please read our frequently asked questions page. Chances are that there is an answer to your question there.


You can find our forums here.


Our IRC channels are on (you can connect on ports 6667-7000). For any non-development-related questions, join #iPhone. For development-related questions, join #iPhone-Dev.

Note: Zibri has chosen to remove the DNS record for This will be fixed. In the meantime, unless your DNS record is cached you will have to connect to (.COM instead of .ORG). This notice will be removed when this issue is rectified.

Disclaimer: The iPhone Elite team is not responsible if you void your warranty, break your software license agreement, or your device. If you choose to use any of the tools or information published here, you are doing so at your own risk.

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