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List of inxi dependencies - see also Recommends for other apps used.
Updated Jan 22, 2013 by

  • DEPENDENCIES (Required for inxi to run)

Package names in (...) are the Debian Squeeze package name. Check your distro for proper package name by doing this: which -application- then find what package owns that application file.

Please check the inxi top comment header for the latest Depends/Recommends listing, it should always be up to date, unlike this wiki page.

Note that all graphics packages previously labeled Depends have been made Recommends because inxi should be able to run on headless or X-less systems, as a system utility. Distro maintainers can decide what they want to do with the X utilities, if it's possible to test if X packages are installed, and if so, install these Recommends as Dependencies, that would be ideal.

As of version 1.6.6, you can run the start option --recommends which will print out all dependencies and recommends, along with some other information, then tell you which package you need to install to add that feature.

  • bash >=3.0 (bash)
  • df, readlink, stty, tr, uname, wc (coreutils)
  • gawk (gawk)
  • grep (grep)
  • lspci (pciutils)
  • free, ps, uptime (procps)
  • sed (sed)

  • Also the proc filesystem should be present and mounted. As well as /sys, which is used to collect a variety of system data, especially for -M and -d.

  • Arrays work in bash 2.05b, but "egrep -m" does not.

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