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Download: Version 1.9.0
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Uploaded by:  baron.schwartz
Released: Sep 07, 2012
Uploaded:  Sep 7, 2012
Downloads: 10989

Download  innotop-1.9.0.tar.gz   139 KB
2012-09-07: version 1.9.0

   * A new Health Dashboard (A) mode is the default mode.
   * Added a new InnoDB Locked (K) mode.
   * Added a new 'spark' config variable for sparklines.
   * Added a new fuzzy_time formatting function.
   * Added "query distill" summarizing.
   * Handled more types of errors connecting to the server.
   * Displayed some data more compactly.

   Bugs fixed:
   * Double-quotes were used to terminate strings in SQL (issue 57).
   * T mode didn't show InnoDB transaction times (issue 67).
   * Killing a query didn't suggest the longest-running one automatically.
   * Connections weren't closed on exit (issue 64).
   * Q mode didn't have connections in its header (issue 63).
   * Connections and server groups were poorly handled (issue 68).
   * The RPM spec file was buggy (issue 59).
   * Event filters were defined wrong (issue 54).
SHA1 Checksum: 4f8cbf6d01a1723a5c450d66e192610c5b28c4d7 What's this?

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