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Thanks and Credits
Updated Jan 6, 2012 by Raymonddull

Thanks and Credits Page

Please feel free to leave comments with positive praise for our team on this page.

Contributors, supporters, developers, and more; big thanks goes out to:

  • DemonWav
  • Designgears
  • Nushor
  • Onecosmic
  • PaulForde
  • raymonddull
  • sixstringsg
  • Trae32566
  • WarDrake
  • ytt3r

If you believe your name and / or team has been left out of this list, please contact an administrator using provided email addresses, or file a bug.

Comment by, Dec 3, 2011

Thanx a million

Comment by, Dec 3, 2011

Thanks OneCosmic? and all the Devs for the work. I'm excited to see the newest releases.

Comment by, Dec 3, 2011

Thanks!!!!! great port!!!!!

Comment by, Dec 4, 2011

thank you so much for your contributions to the Vibrant :) I really appreciate you guys doing all of this.

Comment by, Dec 4, 2011

i'm not very socio-economically capable. You putting this on the Vibrant makes it amazing. I don't have to be sad about not being able to afford a dual core phone. Thank you, again :)

Comment by, Dec 4, 2011

Even with the bugs, I'm loving it. So much smoother and faster than Gingerbread. Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment by, Dec 4, 2011

Thanks for the great work! It's an amazing step up from gingerbread and its still in beta!! Brilliant!

Comment by, Dec 6, 2011

Thank's a lot for your wonderfull work !

Comment by, Dec 11, 2011

Even with the bugs, I'm loving it. So much smoother and faster than Gingerbread. Thanks for all your hard work

Comment by Tj.Physicist, Dec 14, 2011

Small bugs here and there, but im loving it. I mean, even the best of software has some bugs, I can't believe what you and the others who are involved in this did, srsly I mean samsung should pay you guys for this. Keep up the good work, onecosmic hope u'll be back soon, thx for the good work, look forward to beta3.

Comment by, Dec 18, 2011

great work guys, thanks

Comment by, Dec 21, 2011

Gracias, Tremendo trabajo.......

Comment by, Dec 28, 2011

thanks a lot people! am using the vibrant and a special thanks to all those who are helping specifically in this!

Comment by, Jan 7, 2012

Thanks for your suport... so give me changelog rc 2.11 full?

Comment by, Jan 7, 2012

Thanks you all.... give us a hope to taste the nice flavor of ice cream sandwich....

i hope samsung should hire you guys to do the official ICS for SGS....

Comment by, Jan 8, 2012

Thanks a ton for your hard work!

Comment by, Jan 10, 2012

Hope my thanks will encourage you guys do develop more stuff and fixes for everybody.. THANKS!

Comment by, Jan 11, 2012

excelent work guys!!!

Comment by, Jan 12, 2012

thanks a lot guys, great work

Comment by, Jan 13, 2012

Enjoyi.g your builds a lot. thanks

Comment by, Jan 16, 2012

Gracias, gran trabajo les quedo chulo

Comment by, Jan 16, 2012

hvala decki samo tako i dalje

Comment by, Jan 19, 2012

Great work ;)

Comment by, Jan 21, 2012

Thank you so much for this Amazing Rom :) Wishing the team all the best for future and special thanks for all the Hard work on this project. Well done..

Comment by, Jan 21, 2012

You Guys Rock - Thanks for this Amazing Rom with loads of your hardwork wont go un-noticed !

Comment by, Jan 22, 2012

Thank you very much for the rom for my sgs. All the best.

Comment by, Feb 7, 2012

Excellent!! i didn't faced any issues in 4.1 till now.. good work!

Comment by, Feb 15, 2012

well done lads, well done. it keeps getting better and better :D

Comment by, Feb 19, 2012

EXELLENT WORK thank you all

Comment by, Mar 2, 2012

Thx very great work... When you up a new realease?

Comment by, Mar 3, 2012

I just found your rom. Thank you very much :-) !!!!

Comment by, Mar 9, 2012

THANKS YOU VERY MUCH . waiting for the new release

Excellent work geekss :P

Comment by, Mar 20, 2012

Thanks, that was so easy!

Comment by, Apr 3, 2012

someone tell me where is m110s please...

Comment by, Apr 6, 2012

Thanks A Lot.....

Its Working Great In My SGS GT-I9000

Comment by, Apr 18, 2012

Thanks a lot, Its great.

Comment by, May 14, 2012

Perfect. Great job. Thanks for all!

Comment by, May 30, 2012

FreeBrainTrauma?.com Link for thanks took his place on my page, I installed this rom on one friend's phone it's super I can tell it's working better then resurrection remix on my galaxy s2.

Comment by, Jun 12, 2012

4.0.3 RC4.2 works really well on i9000. I've not found an issue yet. Easy to install too. Excellent work people, thank you very much.

Comment by, Jul 15, 2012

Great job guys! I'm an enthusiastic user of your ROM on my i9000. It works and looks great, all thanks to you effort and dedication. Thanks again!

Comment by, Jul 18, 2012

thanks guys, great job. love it

Comment by, Sep 13, 2012

Great job,thanx a lot :)

Comment by, Sep 18, 2012

Thank YOU. Probably saved me a costly upgrade.

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