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Issue 778: "Get surrounding text" feature is necessary for some input methods in ibus-m17n
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Apr 2011
Cc:, takao.fujiwara1

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Project Member Reported by, Feb 10, 2010
This is a feature request related to

If I recall correctly, the current iBus framework does not provide a way to retrieve surrounding text in a 
client application.  However, it would be very nice if we could implement it so that the following input 
methods in ibus-m17n, that require the feature, could work correctly:

> tibettan: bo-ewts, bo-tcrc
> cham: cmc-kbd
> vietnames: vi-tcvn, vi-telex, vi-viqr, vi-vni

(The list above is received from m17n-lib developers. Thanks a lot for the information.)

Jun 25, 2010
Project Member #2
I implemented this feature a while ago, and just rebased the patch against the current ibus & ibus-m17n master:

Testing would be much appreciated.  Here is a test-case provided by Handa-san (m17n-lib author):

1. Add "Vietnamese telex (m17n)" input method
2. open gedit and type "giets giets giets ...".
   => you will see "giét giét giét ...".  Each time you type "giets", "i", "ie", "iet", "iét" are in preedit.
3. type "g" and C-SPC to disable IBus, re-enable it, and type "iets"
   => you will get "giét" as above

Jun 25, 2010
Project Member #3
forgot to mention the failure case:
on 3, if surrounding-text is not supported, you will see "gíet" instead of "giét" (please note that an accute is on "i" not "e").  This is the behavior when m17n-lib cannot get the first "g".
Oct 13, 2010
Project Member #5 takao.fujiwara1
 Issue 1097  has been merged into this issue.
Cc: daiki.ueno takao.fujiwara1
Apr 5, 2011
Project Member #6
A patch has been committed to the git master.

Status: Fixed
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Component-ibus
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