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Issue 577: 建议:参考 scim-input-pad,为 ibus 添加软键盘功能,方便用户输入各种各样的符号
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Status:  Duplicate
Merged:  issue 375
Closed:  May 2012
Cc:  takao.fujiwara1

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Reported by, Oct 11, 2009
建议:参考 scim-input-pad,为 ibus 添加软键盘功能,

比如: 语文教师可能需要一些拼音的符号。 数学教师可能需要一些简单常用的数
学符号。 还有常用的数字序号和货币符号等等。。

scim-input-pad 已经提供了此种输入方式,但是目前 scim-input-pad 的符号分类
Jan 28, 2010
Project Member #1 dingyichen
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Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Component-ibus
Jun 11, 2010
#2 weimingzhi
scim 那个 input-pad 东西太多太杂,符号特别不好找。。。
Jun 13, 2010
Project Member #3 takao.fujiwara1
ibus-input-pad is under the development.
% git clone git://
% git clone git://
Status: Started
Jul 15, 2010
Project Member #4 takao.fujiwara1
ibus-input-pad was released.

The following is the instruction.
Fedora provides the packages officially.
I added non-official packages for Ubuntu.
Cc: takao.fujiwara1
Jul 17, 2010
安装试用了 ibus-input-pad ,有几个想法:
一个是 符号数量确实够多的,但是找起来其实并不方便,和 input-pad 差不多是一样的情况。 
Ubuntu 的屏幕软键盘,一直都没有找到比较适合的,这个软键盘是不是独立出去?
怎么说呢。 有ibus-input-pad,总归是好事,聊胜于无。
Jul 17, 2010
Project Member #6 takao.fujiwara1
Thanks for the feedback however Chinese is difficult for me.
Sorry, I cannot reply this with Chinese. I'm also not sure if I could understand fully.

> 一个是 符号数量确实够多的,但是找起来其实并不方便,和 input-pad 差不多是一样的情况。

Did you try to install input-pad actually but not just saw screen shots?
If you meant to just look at screen shots, some screen shots were old. I revised the screen shots now.

If you feel there are many table groups of characters, I'd like to know which groups you wish to delete.
E.g. input-pad shows "Symbols" group shows "Currency", "Letterlike", "Misc", ...

> Ubuntu 的屏幕软键盘,一直都没有找到比较适合的,这个软键盘是不是独立出去?

Do you mean another virtual keyboard. e.g. GOK?
Yes, input-pad provides the keyboard GUI and it doesn't depend on IM. One situation might be, users might want to enable/disalbe IM without accessibility.
When I used other input-pad(e.g. scim), I think it provides keysym tables and I encountered one problem. E.g. Shift + '2' is '@' on US keyboard but '"' on JP keyboard. It means simple keysym implementation doesn't work with general keyboards and then I used the keyboard layout instead.

If you use ibus-input-pad, it provides the setting dialog and you can choose either to show the keyboard layout or not to show it by default.

Does it make sense? or you have other suggestions?

May 22, 2012
Project Member #7
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Status: Duplicate
Mergedinto: 375
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