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Issue 160: [NewFeatures] 增加shift快捷键设置到Preferences里
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Status:  Invalid
Owner:  Caius.Chance
Closed:  Oct 2012
Cc:  Caius.Chance

Blocked on:
issue 100

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Reported by, Oct 24, 2008
1 习惯使用右shift切换中英文,可是现在只能通过左shift来切,右键是“切换到拼音
2 五笔(ibus-table 自带)的,上码时繁体在前面,经常需要多按一次,能否只输出

3 五笔希望没有重码时,自动上屏。

4 自己造词。

Feb 11, 2009
强烈呼吁切换英文键改为右shift :)!!!

希望:繁体和简体分开,设一个简繁切换键,这么混着太烦人了 :O
Feb 26, 2009
2 有在造簡繁分開的機制。

3 & 4 你可以自己修改碼表。 .txt
Labels: ibus-table
Feb 28, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Blockedon: 100
Apr 14, 2009
Project Member #4 dingyichen
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: Component-ibus-table
Apr 18, 2009
Project Member #5 Caius.Chance
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Summary: [NewFeatures] 增加shift快捷键设置到Preferences里
Labels: -Type-Defect -ibus-table Type-Enhancement
Mar 18, 2010
Please don't remove traditional phrases from the dictionary. This is one of the 
biggest motivation for me to move to ibus: that I can type both simplified and 
traditional Chinese spontaneously. I know it's just a technicality, any IME with such 
a dictionary would work, but well, the UX is very smooth and good in the case of 
ibus. Props to all the devs!
At the moment pinyin mode proves to be useful to many, especially in the absence of 
the wildcard key "z" for Wubi.
I don't know if this is a place to voice my opinion. But I don't find a user forums 
or mailing lists so I just commented here.
Jul 15, 2011
Jun 27, 2012
Project Member #8
 Issue 1432  has been merged into this issue.
Oct 12, 2012
Project Member #9 Caius.Chance
Please do not report more than one requests in a same ticket:

1. Created  issue#1515  for tracking.
2. It has been done previously.
3. Please change AUTO_COMMIT config in table source.
4. Created issue#1526 for tracking.

Thank you. Closing this ticket.
Status: Invalid
Owner: Caius.Chance
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