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Issue 1255: ibus-chewing無法在全形+中文模式中輸出『全形空白』(ibus-chewing can't output 『全形空白』in chinese and 全形 mode)
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Status:  New
Owner:  dingyichen

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Reported by, Jun 17, 2011
What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
OS (Linux distributions, UNIX or ...):Ubuntu 11.04
Architecture (i386, x86_64):i386
IBus version:1.3.9-0ubuntu3
Input method name and version:ibus-chewing
Python version:2.7.1-0ubuntu5
dbus version:1.4.6-1ubuntu6
dbus-python version:python-dbus (0.83.1-1)
gtk version (if bug is about gtk applications):ibus-gtk(1.3.9-0ubuntu3)
qt version (if bug is about qt applications):

What steps will reproduce the problem?
  activate chewing IM
  When switch to 全形 and English mode, press Space bar can output 全形 space character.
  When switch to 全形 and Chinese mode, press Space bar doesn't output anything.

What is the expected output?
Output 全形 space character(s)
What do you see instead?
Nothing happened

Please provide any additional information below.
第一次file bug 如有疏失請見諒

Jun 20, 2011
Project Member #1 dingyichen
感謝您提出問題來。在我的Fedora 15上面倒是可以輸出全形英文標點和空格,在中英文下皆同。
能不能說一下 Gtk 的版本,以及gconftool-2 -a  /desktop/ibus/engine/Chewing 的輸出呢?
Jul 19, 2011
剛剛在另外一部Ubuntu 11.04上試...結果有時候可以有時候不行...Orz

gconftool-2 -a  /desktop/ibus/engine/Chewing輸出如下:
 escCleanAllBuf = false
 addPhraseDirection = true
 syncCapsLockLocal = keyboard
 numpadAlwaysNumber = true
 plainZhuyin = false
 selKeys = 1234567890
 easySymbolInput = true
 candPerPage = 10
 KBType = default
 autoShiftCur = true
 spaceAsSelection = false
 hsuSelKeyType = 1
 maxChiSymbolLen = 20
 forceLowercaseEnglish = false
 phraseChoiceRearward = true

Nov 13, 2011
在Ubuntu 11.10上自行build ibus 跟 ibus-chewing已無此問題
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