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Issue 1167: [建議] ibus-chewing 漢語拼音方案中的聲調鍵排列
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Reported by, Dec 17, 2010
What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
OS (Linux distributions, UNIX or ...): Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop
Architecture (i386, x86_64): x86_64
IBus version: 1.3.9
Input method name and version: ibus-chewing
Python version: 2.6.6-5ubuntu1 (python2.6)
dbus version:
dbus-python version:
gtk version (if bug is about gtk applications):
qt version (if bug is about qt applications):

在 Windows 版自然輸入法當中的漢語拼音方案中,可用 S(代表輕聲)、D(二聲)、F(三聲)、J(四聲)與空白鍵(一聲)來代替原本的23456等鍵來輸入聲調。這種安排有一個極大的優點,就是可以完全不需使用英文26字母以外的按鍵輸入,如此能夠大幅提高打字速度。

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