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IbPy is a third-party implementation of the API used for accessing the Interactive Brokers on-line trading system. IbPy implements functionality that the Python programmer can use to connect to IB, request stock ticker data, submit orders for stocks and futures, and more.

See the documentation index for installation instructions and usage.

IbPy 0.7.6-9.51 Released 19 Dec 2008

This release provides support for Python 2.6 and TWS API 9.51.

IbPy 0.7.5-9.40 Released 07 Jul 2008

Well, lookie there! We still know how to release code!

This release has been brewing for quite a while. In addition to supporting TWS 9.40, there's lots of minor fixes and enhancements.

IbPy 0.7.4-9.20 Released 28 Aug 2007

Now with flavor crystals! Actually, TWS 9.20 is supported.

This release marks the first TWS API change since IbPy was restructured to utilize the java2python package. The update took only a few hours, and most of that time was spent experimenting with a solution for overloaded classmethods.

IbPy 0.7.3-9.00 Released 11 Aug 2007

This release fixes options-related code in Also included is a new demo script for placing option orders and retrieving option market data.

IbPy 0.7.2-9.00 Released 02 Mar 2007

This release fixes a missing import in Also new in this release (and 0.7.1) is a conditional import and activation of the Psyco specializing compiler. To enable, set the IBPY_PSYCO environment variable.

IbPy 0.7.1-9.00 Released 22 Feb 2007

Several users reported problems extracting the archive on Windows. The problem was the use of 'aux' as a directory name. We've renamed the directory, regenerated the code, and created a new release.

IbPy 0.7.0-9.00 Released 21 Feb 2007

Read the release announcement here. Download and documentation links are over there, on the right. Enjoy!

Version Numbers

The new IbPy has new version numbers. The new format is major.minor.micro-tws_api_version.

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