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Project Information

iBATIS plugin is aimed to accelerate iBATIS development in IntelliJ IDEA.


  • Code completion and navigation
  • Goto symbol
  • Code inspetion
  • Find usage and rename refactor
  • Database integration
  • Code generation
  • Abator support

Road Map:

  • SQL dynamic preview (draft)
  • SQL Query plugin integration
  • How to implement table field navigation to datasource tool window? attachment 1
  • How to implement code completion for iBATIS parameters in SQL sentence? attachment 2
  • How to implement SQL code completion with inline style? attachment 3
  • Can I access SQL PSI structure, and I want to get SQL structure information for some inspections? and how to do?

The above problem are very important for me, and these features can make the plugin to 1.0 :)

Who are using this plugin:

  • Larry (author of <<iBATIS in Action>>, developer of iBATIS framework)
  • me, plugin author :)
  • you, iBATIS developer


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