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Hyphenator.js …

  • automatically hyphenates texts on websites if either the webdeveloper has included the script on the website or you use it as a bookmarklet on any site.
  • runs on any modern browser that supports JavaScript and the soft hyphen (­).
  • automatically breaks URLs on any browser that supports the zero width space.
  • runs on the client in order that the HTML source of the website may be served clean and svelte and that it can respond to text resizings by the user.
  • follows the ideas of unobtrusive JavaScript.
  • has a documented API and is highly configurable to meet your needs.
  • supports a wide range of languages.
  • relies on Franklin M. Liangs hyphenation algorithm (PDF) commonly known from LaTeX and OpenOffice.
  • is free software licensed under LGPL v3 with additional permission to distribute non-source (e.g., minimized or compacted) forms of that code (see source code header for details).
  • provides services for customizing, merging and packing script and patterns.
  • supports CSS3-hyphenation

Hyphenator.js does …

  • not give you control over how many hyphens you'll have as endings on consecutive lines.
  • not eliminate misleading hyphenation like 'leg-ends' (depending on the pattern quality).
  • not work in Firefox 2 (but it works fine in Firefox >=3.0)
  • not handle special (aka non-standard) hyphenation (e.g. omaatje->oma-tje)

See a simple life example (resize window or click the button in the upper right corner).

Where to go from here

See the articles in the wiki for more information about:

There's also a FAQ and a large set of test cases.

If you're looking for a server-side script doing hyphenation I recommend

If you're looking for a script that does really nice line breaking (using an implementation of the Knuth and Plass line breaking algorithm) see

There's a port of Hyphenator.js to ActionScript:

If you're looking for a more light-weight solution (using Knuth's algorithm from 1977, english only), see


October 17, 2014

Version 4.3.0 is here! (Download from Google Drive)

This minor release brings the following changes:

  • added support for Serbian Cyrillic (thanks to Milan Gurjanov)
  • jsdoc3 formatted code comments in the source file
  • the core functions are slightly faster (specially in chrome: removed some deopts)
  • better performance when checking for CSS3 hyphens support
  • new method for hyphenating URL-styled text (fixed  issue188  and  issue198 )
  • prevention of a memory leak in some rare cases (fixed  issue192 )
  • Hyphenator. emits a warning to the console, when it is invoked twice (see documentation)
  • Code refactoring for better readability

And some bugfixes:

  • fixed an issue with Hyphenator.js running in private mode (fixed  issue108 )
  • fixed an issue with the Bookmarklet (fixed  issue185 )
  • fixed an issue with ommited tags (fixed  issue194 )
  • workaround for a bug in Konqueror 4.8.4 (fixed  issue202 )

October 28, 2012

Created a huge compatibility table to see what browser supports what language for CSS3-hyphenation. Fun fact: with each visit a new test is run and added to the table.


Hyphenator.js is absolutely free of charge. But if you think Hyphenator.js is cool you can

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