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So gallery now has official site: :) still needs a lot of updates etc.


It is high performance photo gallery. Main idea behind gallery is to create a lightning fast gallery. It supports Memcahced, APC, Redis, Amazon S3 and Sphinx. Gallery also has search by color/multicolor (include/exclude modes) and keyword at the same time feature!! Also supports face detection using API, see amazing examples :). Image similarity search integrated. It supports user registration with google/facebook account's. Images import from facebook account. You can even sell your photos online using PayPal as checkout option. It has support for crosseye images and can convert crosseye images to anaglyph. It has support for FLV, SWF (includes screenshots) and OGV (HTML5) video files. Gallery interface can be customized without changing gallery core. It has support for writing extensions, overriding system functionality without changing system kernel. Checkout gallery features and sites powered by HPPG.

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Sponsors - Olava Internet Solutions, it's a new company located in Lithuania I'm technical consultant at this company. I very like open mind thinking of this company. - *zats : this french IT company specilized in open source solutions, web2.0 and e-marketing strategy

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I can provide consulting and customization services for your needs. Custom theme developing for your needs. Theme will be designed by professional designer (Paulius Čiučelis).

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