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Issue 2014: Can't see result row and column count
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jun 2010

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Reported by, Jun 15, 2010
What exact steps will reproduce the problem?
1. write a long query in a single long line (no new lines)
2. submit this query

What was the expected output?
Show row (and column) count of returned result(s) in a comfortable way. (not only as a gray comment in the SQL status log)

What happened instead?
Query tool-tip is to large, can't see useful details like row and column count (see attached screen shot)

Suggested fix (optional)?
Left align tool-tip to tab or provide result row and column information somewhere else.

If you need the query in a single line (e.g. to copy into another application), the usage of "automated reformatting" is not the solution. 

Version used?
 HeidiSQL revision: 3402
 MySQL Server version: 5.1.26
 Operating system: Win-XP

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Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #1
This issue was closed by revision r3403.
Status: Fixed
Jun 15, 2010
Project Member #2
r3403 wraps the hint text at 100 chars, that should do it.
Jun 16, 2010
Unfortunately this bug still exist. Here is an example of such a query, where you still cant see row and column numbers
SELECT `ABCDEFG_ID`,`ABCDEFG_GROUP_ID`,`ABCDEFGGroupName`,`ABC_AREA_NAME`,`ABC_YXCVEFG_MAIN_NAME`,`QwertGHKLOption`,`QwertPoiuzLayer`,`Qwertlkjhg`,`QwertSpecialInfo`,`QwertState`,`QwertSublkjhg`,`Qwertrtzzuuzuiiu`,`QwertType`

(new line only before "FROM" and "WHERE)


Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #4
> new line only before "FROM" and "WHERE

I have the feeling you mean the "Reformat SQL" button, where I fixed that thing in the hint window when hovering over the relevant result tab. Please verify that.
Jun 16, 2010
I don't mean the "Reformat SQL" button. 
My problem is the the hint window, which is shown when I move my mouse over the result tab. This tiny hover "window" is much to large for long query lines. But it is the only place where I can get the information how many rows and columns my query result has. 

Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #6
Ok, then at least we're not talking about different things :)
See it here in my attached image - looks good doesn't it?
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Jun 16, 2010
Ok - we come closer... ;-)
Please take a look to the query below. If you execute only the sub-select, all works fine (see shot_2.jpg). But if the query doesn't contain spaces in the select statement, the tip-window will be much to large (see shot_1.jpg). 
BTW: This problem is a typical use case if you analysis queries coming from an existing software tool (where don't have influence on any query formatting).

select id,auto_update,name,anschrift,adresszusatz,land,PLZ,ort,Bundesland,telefon,fax,email,webadresse,oeffnung_montag,oeffnung_dienstag,oeffnung_mittwoch,oeffnung_donnerstag,oeffnung_freitag,created,lastupdate,lasteditor,bedirect_id,bemerkungen,ort_slug
from (
select 1 id, 1 auto_update, 1 name, 1 anschrift, 1 adresszusatz, 1 land, 1 PLZ, 1 ort, 1 Bundesland, 1 telefon, 1 fax , 1 email, 1 webadresse, 1 oeffnung_montag, 1 oeffnung_dienstag, 1 oeffnung_mittwoch, 1 oeffnung_donnerstag, 1 oeffnung_freitag, 1 created, 1 lastupdate, 1 lasteditor, 1 bedirect_id, 1 bemerkungen, 1 ort_slug 
) t

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Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #8
Yes, I see now. Only I think that's perfectly normal in such cases not to force line breaks at non-space chars. I could probably add the comma as an additional break char.
Jun 16, 2010
Project Member #9
r3405 also breaks at comma, semicolon, dot an dash.
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