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Popular browsers support XSL Transformations. This project makes available for GWT some parts of browsers' JavaScript interfaces for XSLT processing.

This project presents itself as a GWT module. To use it, you have to place it to your build/classpath, and inherit it's .gwt.xml file:

<inherits name="hu.szaboaz.gwt.xslt.XSLT" />


//Any number of processors can be created, they will behave
//independently. Every stylesheet have to have its own processor.
XsltProcessor processor = new XsltProcessor();

//Setting the stylesheet to transform with

//Setting the document to be transformed

//Order of setting the stylesheet and document is indifferent.

//Optional, must be called after importStyleSheet
processor.setParameter(paramNameString, paramValueString);

//Getting the result
String resultString = processor.transform();

The importSource-setParameter-transform cycle can be repeated multiple times.

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