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How to use Eclipse, SVN and Maven
Updated Apr 27, 2011 by


I'm using these plugins under Eclipse:


Install Subclipse and the Maven Eclipse plugins.

  1. In Eclipse go to menu Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install.
  2. Choose "Search for new features to install"
  3. The required plugin URLs for subclipse and M2Eclipse are:

Once installed, select the "SVN Repository" Eclipse perspective and add

as a repository URL.

Open the trunk node and right click on the node, select the "Find/Check out as..." menu option. In the following dialog box you can Check out the source code from SVN.

Maven install

Now change back to the Eclipse Java perspective.

For the Maven plugin to recognize the module dependencies you have to:

  • right click in the Package Explorer view on the project node and choose the Properties menu
  • in the left tree of the appearing dialog box select the Maven node.
  • in the right Maven panel enable the checkbox Include Modules

As a result the line

should be set in the file:

In the Package Explorer view do a right mouse click on the pom.xml file and select the menu Run As -> Maven build....

In the appearing dialog box choose the install goal and run Maven (or hit the Run As -> Maven Install menu directly in the Package Explorer views menu).

Comment by, May 21, 2010

I think.. that the most recent version of the Maven plugins replaces "Include Modules" with "Resolve dependencies in Workspace projects". Thanks for the very detailed documentation here BTW.

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