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What is gvocab?

gvocab is a vocabulary builder with 5k+ words. Its key advantage is it will not get off your back until you have learned every single word. gvocab remembers your progress between sessions so you can start where you left off after a break. The user interface strives to be clean but functional.

Why would I want it?

In general, gvocab is good for improving your communication skills. In particular, you can use it for preparation to the verbal parts of GRE and SAT.

I am a non-native speaker, and this tool is improving my vocabulary every day. Sometimes I hear a recently learned word on the radio or read it in a newspaper and rejoice in greater understanding of the content. I saw these words before but filtered them out, comprehending only the general idea of the context.

gvocab allows for greater satisfaction in everyday activities and helps to achieve educational goals.

Where do I get it?

Download gvocab

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