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Project Information

Mission Statement

To provide an intuitive cross-platform graphical user interface application that loads, runs and enables a user to review Google test (gtest) executables efficiently though the use of multi-threaded test execution.


  • This application will provide a very robust and fast execution of Google test executables.
  • This application will provide a mechanism to save test set ups which will allow quick loading across sessions.
  • This application will provide a mechanism for storing data on every single unit test run that will allow a user to aggregate test results over time to identify problem areas in their code.
  • This application will help forward the goals of open source software to increase the acceptance and use of free software on computer systems everywhere.

Getting Involved

At the current point in this project, we have some rudimentary functionality. Tests can be loaded and run, but there is still plenty to work on. As such, this is the best time for ideas and suggestions to be implanted into the design. I would greatly appreciate to hear some suggestions and if you want to get your hands dirty, checkout the code and write up a patch (although its hard with such a small code base, yet). Whether this is a good way to do things is highly questionable and I feel that once the code base has stabilized somewhat larger contributions are to be made.

If you want to get involved please get in contact through the discussion group accessible on the right menu bar.


It's been a while since I've done much development on this. It's close to a state where I'd like it to be, but needs some final touches. I'll try to get it finished within the next couple months if time permits.

Current State

Version 1.0.0a ('Released' August 17th, 2010) The application current supports the following actions:

  • Loading the application, contains a tree display with a toolbar and some buttons.
  • Selecting a gtest executable from the local filesystem.
  • Populating the tree display with the tests accessible through the gtest executable.
  • Selecting which tests in the tree to execute through checkboxes.
  • Running the gtest executable unit tests (only checked tests).
  • Displaying of test results in the tree.
  • Refreshing the tree's test listing.
  • Allowing re-execution of test.
Goals to proceed to 1.0.0b:
  1. Identification of existing bugs (Some identified, partially completed).
  2. Allow removal of test executables loaded.
  3. Enhance error checking.
  4. documentation and supporting files.
  5. Replace text labels with icons.
  6. Create project logo.

Next Version

Version 1.0.0b (Projected Date: March 1st, 2011) Goals to proceed to 1.0.0 Release:

  1. Fixing of identified bugs.
  2. Profiling for future comparisons. (Deemed unnecessary)
  3. Prepare demo test suites and accompanying documentation for user training.
  4. Run Ad Hoc usability testing.
  5. Add display of failure messages so users can examine details of test failures.

Future Releases

Version 1.0.0 (Projected Date: May 1st, 2011) Goals to proceed to 1.0.0 Release:

  1. Ensure existing functionality works and is well tested.
  2. Unit tests for every class.
  3. Screenshots on the webpage.
  4. Prepare a release version. (ensure everything is in order, bugs identified, release tagged, etc.)

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