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File transfers with GTalkSMS.
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File transfers with GTalkSMS

XMPP provides a handy file transfer feature. It is possible to send a file to the XMPP account GTalkSMS uses. The file will get stored at /mnt/sdcard/GTalkSMS. The other way works to: Receiving files from you Android phone via the send:/path/to/file command. You can discover your Android's filestystem with the ls command. Just send ls to list the contents of the default dir ( /mnt/sdcard/GTalkSMS ) or try ls:/path/to/dir.

The XMPP file transfer process is sophisticated and therefore complex. We can not guarantee that it will work in your case. However it has been tested with a setup of Openfire as Server, and Gajim as Client. Make sure to set your XMPP file transfer proxy to a valid XMPP component, Gajim does this automatically for you. Other server/client combinations should also work. For an successful file transfer, we suggest you to create an extra account for GTalkSMS preferably on an pure XMPP service (not GTalk!)

If you have suggestions or discovered a bug regarding this feature. Please don't fill an issue. Instead, report directly to the gtalksms-users mailing list. A complete trace of the XMPP stanzas involved with the file transfer will help to debug the problem. Most clients provide an XML console for the XMPP connection. Also an AppLog will be helpful.

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I have the app but quite understand how to use it!

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