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Basic usage of gstreamer-java
Updated Oct 14, 2011 by


Using gstreamer-java is simple, if not totally obvious, due to its dependency on JNA.


To use gstreamer-java, you need to download the latest versions of both gstreamer-java.jar and jna.jar and put them in the classpath.


Download the latest JARS from the project main page (in the following examples version numbers have been stripped):

  • gstreamer-java.jar
  • jna.jar

Run some examples

  • To invoke the SwingVideoTest example program on linux:
  •     java -Djna.library.path=/usr/lib -cp jna.jar:gstreamer-java.jar   org.gstreamer.example.SwingVideoTest
  • Launching a command-line pipeline using the gst-launch syntax (the simplest way perhaps to test your gstreamer/gstreamer-java installation):
  •     java -Djna.library.path=/usr/lib -cp jna.jar:gstreamer-java.jar   org.gstreamer.example.PipelineLauncher videotestsrc ! autovideosink

Note regarding JNA path: if your gstreamer native libraries are installed somewhere under the system search path (e.g. under /usr/lib on Linux), you don't actually need to set jna.library.path

Note: On windows, separate the jar files with a semi-colon ';' instead of a colon ':', and you should not need to set the jna.library.path

Note: On Linux, you must use the Sun JVM - GCJ will not work. Use java -version to determine which one you have.

gstreamer-java should work out-of-the-box on any platform supporting JNA, with a reasonably recent installation of the Gstreamer native binaries.

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