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The gpsVP-Compatible Deceives List
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

Original information


  • Fly IQ-110, Windows Mobile 5.0, com6
  • Fujitsu-Seimens Pocket LOOX N560, Windows Mobile 5.0, com8
  • HTC s620 / Excalibur, Windows Mobile 6, com6
  • HTC S710 / Orange E650, Windows Mobile 6.0, com6
  • HTC Mteor / HTC Breeze, Windows Mobile 5.0
  • HTC Hurricane / T-Mobile SDA II / Qtec 8200 / I-mate SP4m / DoPod 566 / O2 XDA phone / Orange SPV C550, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, com6
  • HTC TyTN II / AT&T Tilt, Windows Mobile 6.0, com4
  • HP iPAQ 512, Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • HP iPAQ 514, Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • i-Mate SP3, COM6
  • i-Mate SP5m / HTC Tornado, Windows Mobile 5, com6
  • i-Mate Jam
  • Motorola Q, Windows Mobile 5, com1
  • Orange SPV C600 / Qtek 8300, Windows mobile 5.0
  • Qtek 8020, Windows SmartPhone 2003, com6
  • Qtek 8500, com6
  • Samsung SGH i300x, Windows MS Smartphone 2003 SE
  • Samsung SGH i320, com1
  • Samsung SGH-i600, com6, Windows Mobile 6
  • Samsung SGH-i600, com6, Windows Mobile 5
  • Samsung SGH-i617, Windows Mobile 6
  • T-Mobile SDA, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, com6
  • Toshiba Portégé G710, Windows Mobile 6.0, com3
  • Vodafone VDA GPS, Windows Mobile 6.0, com3
  • Voxtel W210, com0


  • Eten X500 via GpsGate
  • Eten Glofiish M700, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, com7
  • Mitac Mio 180 via PortSplitter
  • HP iPaq 1950
  • HP iPaq 3970, Windows Mobile 2003
  • HTC Tytn II
  • Qtek G100 via PortSplitter
  • Vodafone V1640 / Qtek 9000 / O2 XDA exec / Dopod 900 / i-Mate Jasjar / SPV m5000 / MDA PRO, com4


  • GlobalSat BT-338
  • GlobalSat BT-359
  • Rovermate Adaptmate-016
  • TomTom Bluetooth receiver Mark II
  • CoPilot Bluetooth GPS
  • Emtac BTGPS II Trine
  • GPS bluetooth Phonix
  • no name china bluetooth gps receiver (star III chipset)
  • Route 66 Bluetooth GPS
  • Nokia LD-3W
  • OneXT Bluetooth GPS BT-379i
  • Holux M-241
  • Holux M-1000
  • Spectrec SD GPS
  • Qstarz BT-Q818
Comment by, Jun 30, 2008

HP iPAQ 614c

Comment by, Jul 3, 2008

O2 Orbit 2 / HTC Touch Cruise

Comment by, Aug 12, 2008

Working with I-Blue 747 bluetooth GPS

Comment by, Aug 30, 2008

Working with HTC P3300 Noname China PNA with WinCE 5.0 Core (additionaly add 3 DLL's CELLCORE.DLL, BTHUTIL.DLL and AYGSHELL.DLL)

Comment by, Sep 7, 2008

Working with PDA ASUS P526 (builtin GPS reciver)

Comment by, Sep 25, 2008

working with axim x51v (maps confirmed only, didn't test with GPS)

Comment by, Oct 25, 2008

working with asus p320

Comment by, Oct 31, 2008

Working with Palm Treo 500

Comment by, Nov 23, 2008

Works correctly on SPV M650 (HTC Artemis). I tried both GPS and Garmin maps and both are OK.

Many thanks for great piece of software :-)

Comment by, Dec 6, 2008

Works on HP iPAQ 614c with wm6 but have internet connection error often

Comment by, Dec 9, 2008

works fine with Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N520. Many thanks, this program is great!!!

Comment by project member, Dec 13, 2008

Works on HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) with integrated GPS and 480x800 screen. Only some non-critical paint errors if you put in full screen and rotate (seems to rotate back to 480x640)

Comment by, Dec 17, 2008

With regret must say that gpsVP is unusable on iPAQ 614c because of error of internet connection. The same problem for the XP version, just doesnt want to download ANY maps, only shows error.

Comment by, Dec 28, 2008

works on HTC S740 with integrated GPS with these settings: COM port: COM4 Port speed: Default

I have problem with big Garmin maps (400MB) and downloading Google maps.

Comment by, Jan 6, 2009

works on VDA GPS wit integrated GPS. Settings are COM3 speed=9600

Comment by, Feb 6, 2009

works super great with Motorola Q9C WM6.1 and using a Navibe GB735 receiver!

Comment by, Feb 7, 2009

Moto Q9h + WM6.1 + i.Trek M5 WORKS GREAT!

Comment by project member, Feb 12, 2009

Works with HP iPAQ 512 (Smartphone) and Holux M-241 (GPS Receiver)

Comment by, Feb 25, 2009

Works with Mio P550 via PortSplitter?

Comment by, Mar 1, 2009

OK: BenQ E72 Windows Mobile Standard (ie Smartphone) 6.0 Holux GPSlim 236 (Bluetooth)

Comment by, Mar 14, 2009

works super great with HP iPAQ 514 and Evolve goTraxx

Comment by, May 11, 2009

works ok on Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Comment by, Jun 25, 2009

GPS BT Navibe 337 (mstar). Samsung i600, WM5.0, com5,

Comment by, Dec 31, 2009

Works well on Samsung SGH-i900 (Omnia).

Comment by, Dec 31, 2009

gspVPxp.exe works fine under MacOSX with Wine (though not tested GPS features, only map viewing, downloading etc.)

Comment by, Jan 2, 2010

Does not work with Garmin GPS (Etrex Legend HcX) emulated as a NMEA device via GPSgate.

Comment by, Jan 31, 2010

0.4.18 works fine on Samsung i780!

Comment by, Apr 7, 2010

works on HP 910c

tested on UMPC Viliv S5 w/ sirf III. Instructions to setup gpsVP on Viliv S5 at link below (in Japanese, I used Google translator to save me):

I´ll test with a bluetooth receiver Garmin 10 (on XP)

Comment by, Apr 9, 2010


GpsVP will run on Viliv only at 1024x768 (native resolution is 1024x600).

But run very well...

Thanks to UMPC Portal:

Comment by cresques, Apr 14, 2010

works on Acer F900

tested with Garmin OSM Conversion, and with mapnik tiles, using internal GPS

Comment by, May 11, 2010

Works on HTC touch diamond (0.4.18 tested)

Comment by, May 14, 2010

Works with Samsung Omnia II i8000

Used my OSMTracker Tiles, downloaded with JTileDownloader or OSMTileDownloader

Comment by, May 24, 2010

works fine with MyGuide? 3500 Mobile with build in GPS platform: WinCE

Comment by, Jun 10, 2010

Version 0.4.20 works fine with HTC Touch Diamond 2

Comment by, Jul 14, 2010

works fine with Windows Mobile smartphone LG GM 750 with integrated GPS. Only problem is that the phone has no mechanic keypad, and it's very hard to get out of full screen once you accidentally get into it :) Only solution is to assign a hardware button to <inputwindow> (?) and use that while in fullscreen to pull up the keyboard, and press 6 to return to non-fulll screen.

Comment by, Jul 17, 2010

works with Samsung B7330 Windows Mobile Smartphone 6.5

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

Works with HTC touch HD2 but only with the 2003 smartphone version. Internet related matter does not work with WM6.5 version.

Comment by, Aug 10, 2010

Works on HTC snap (s521),

but i'm having problems connecting to a sattelite. (also in google maps and garmin mobile XT so it's a HW thing)

Comment by, Aug 17, 2010

Another issue in Viliv S5.

I spoke previously that I needed change the resolution (1024x600 > 1024x768)to use internal GPS in GpsVp?. And the image was horrible.

But now, I create a link to turn on on the "internal GPS" of the Viliv using "Hyper Terminal" . a) Open Hyper Terminal (star menu>run>hypertrm.exe) b) setup the connection to COM1, 9600, 8n1 c) Save the config

Before use the GpsVp?, launch the hyper terminal and you will see gps data. Close the hyper terminal and open GpsVp? and voilà.

Comment by, Sep 6, 2010

Works with HTC HD2, all features. GPS on COM4, bitrate 4800. Crashes from time to time though, but usable 80% of the time. The only real problem I see is that raster Google maps are showing text in Russian - anyone knows how to change it ?

Comment by, Nov 30, 2010

Works also perfect on HTC TOUCH 3G (JADE). Thanks!

Comment by, Feb 2, 2011 works with Samsung Omnia B7350 WM6.5 internal GPS on COM4. Some problems with text size too big to fit in monitor boxes, and blank confirmation windows like "download 123 tiles ? YES / NO".

Comment by, Jan 12, 2012

Version - 0.4.22 - Smartphone 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5 - works with Windows Mobile HTC HD2 with integrated GPS. A problem is, that the phone has no mechanic keypad, and it's very hard to get out of full screen once you accidentally get into it. Also the Zoom button are not available. Better works version - 0.4.22 - PocketPC 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5 -, bat internet is not available.

Comment by, Feb 8, 2012

Version gpsVPppc_0.4.24 - installed on Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 works excellent, version gpsVP_0.4.24 works too, but touch screen is inoperative what makes the user much busy with keyboards.

Comment by, Mar 6, 2012

Works great on Trimble Juno SB (receiver/PDA) (tested version 0.4.22)

Comment by, Mar 1, 2013

Works fine with HTC Touch Cruise (P3650)

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