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Welcome to Google C++ Mocking Framework!

Inspired by jMock, EasyMock, and Hamcrest, and designed with C++'s specifics in mind, Google C++ Mocking Framework (or Google Mock for short) is a library for writing and using C++ mock classes. Google Mock:

  • lets you create mock classes trivially using simple macros,
  • supports a rich set of matchers and actions,
  • handles unordered, partially ordered, or completely ordered expectations,
  • is extensible by users, and
  • works on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows Mobile, minGW, and Symbian.

We hope you find it useful!

Who are using Google Mock?

We have enjoyed using Google Mock in many projects at Google. Outside of Google, the most notable client is probably the Chromium projects (behind the Chrome browser and Chrome OS). If you know of a project that's using Google Mock and want it to be listed here, please let know.

System Requirements

Google Mock is not a testing framework itself. Instead, it needs a testing framework for writing tests. Google Mock works seamlessly with Google Test. It comes with a copy of Google Test bundled. Starting with version 1.1.0, you can also use it with any C++ testing framework of your choice.

Google Mock has been tested with gcc 4.0+ and Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 SP1. Users reported that it also works with gcc 3.4, Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1, and Cygwin, although we haven't tested it there ourselves.

Getting Started

If you are new to the project, we suggest to read the user documentation in the following order:

You can also watch Zhanyong's talk on Google Mock's usage and implementation.

Once you understand the basics, check out the rest of the docs:

  • CheatSheet - all the commonly used stuff at a glance.
  • CookBook - recipes for getting things done, including advanced techniques.

If you need help, please check the KnownIssues and FrequentlyAskedQuestions before posting a question on the googlemock discussion group.

We'd love to have your help! Please read the DevGuide if you are willing to contribute to the development.

Happy mocking!

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