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Issue 415: Picasa - Video uploaded through googlecl never transcodes
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Status:  WontFix
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Dec 2012

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Reported by, Aug 15, 2011
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create an album with movie content:
google picasa create --tags=ADF --src=20040527/*.avi --title=20040527-B --date=05/27/2004 --access=public --summary="Taken 5/22-27, posted May 27'th."

The resulting album shows 3 video thumbnails, each of which is playable.
The 3 uploaded files are left in "processing" state showing the clock thumbnail image, and are not playable.

One of the three videos is uploaded here for testing:

Uploading it manually through the web interface works fine:

This is googlecl 0.9.13 on ubuntu 11.04 (I don't have python-gdata version info ATM).
Aug 20, 2011
FTR, the above was with gdata 1.2.4.
Same happens with gdata 2.0.14, and with album-create and move-upload done separately:
google picasa create --title=CreateThenPost --access=public
google picasa post --title=CreateThenPost --src=Downloads/m1.avi
Results in failure to transcode:
Aug 20, 2011
There is a post on PWA api [1], I have noticed it after you created this issue. But I didn't link to it because it didn't get a reply from Google and still didn't.

It says the uploaded videos are in pending state, I don't know what state is received in googlecl/gdata. But I am guessing it's pending state, too, since the thumbnail on PWA looks like so.

The post also mentions the rough date 8/9-8/10 when this started happening.

I suspect this is a PWA api issue rather than googlecl/gdata. Maybe you should head over there and give it a legit bump with your experience and a link to this issue.

Sep 1, 2011
I've responded on the above thread in the PWA api forum, and included that response here for convenience:

This appears to have been a problem with an update in the underlying file system API such that videos were not being written before handing over to the servers responsible for processing the video data.  The bottom line is that the video data was not saved, so the videos that had been uploaded can be deleted from the account and the data will need to be updated again.

The fix for this should push tomorrow, and changes are being implemented to ensure that this type of failure will ring loud bells instead of dying quietly.

I will update this thread when the change has been pushed and will monitor the system to be sure uploads continue to work as expected.
Sep 3, 2011
Thanks, works great now.  Issue can be closed.
Dec 29, 2012
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Status: WontFix
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