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GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line.

We currently support the following Google services:

  • Blogger
  • $ google blogger post --title "foo" "command line posting"

  • Calendar
  • $ google calendar add "Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow"
  • Contacts
  • $ google contacts list Bob --fields name,email > the_bobs.csv
  • Docs
  • $ google docs edit "Shopping list"
  • Finance
  • $ google finance create-txn "Savings Portfolio" NASDAQ:GOOG Buy
  • Picasa
  • $ google picasa create "Cat Photos" ~/photos/cats/*.jpg
  • Youtube
  • $ google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi

Check out the Manual and ExampleScripts for many more examples of what you can do, or the Install page for simple install instructions.


3/31/11: I just realized I should've waited for April 1st, and released version 1.0. Missed opportunities. The good news is, 0.9.13 contains some much needed improvements on 0.9.12, namely:

  • Appropriate intermediate directories are created for authentication tokens.b
  • Deletion of recurring Calendar events actually deletes events, rather than crashing.
  • File extensions for Picasa do not have to be lowercase.

1/21/11: Keeping with the theme of inappropriate version numbers, 0.9.12 is finally out! Are the following features worth the wait?

  • Google Finance support (thanks, bartosh!)
  • Expanded usage of --date
  • --access option for privacy settings
  • Reading options and arguments from stdin
If not, you should read the changelog for the rest of the updates. And if the answer is still no... then I apologize. You may have noticed that development has slowed drastically. Unfortunately, GoogleCL is now a 100% free-time project for everyone involved. We're still working on it, though, so keep those bug reports and feature requests coming!

10/10/10: .deb file is up, sorry for the delay. The Windows machine I used to make the executable was apparently 64-bit, and so it play nice on 32-bit systems. I've marked it as such in the downloads page, and a 32-bit version will be up tomorrow with any luck. Thanks for your patience!

10/8/10: 0.9.11 makes its appearance. Don't miss our wonderful new features:

  • Much better unicode support.
  • More natural specification of command line arguments.

And Windows users, rejoice: this version reintroduces the .zip file containing an executable. A .deb file should be forthcoming this weekend. In that vein, maybe someday soon I'll get GoogleCL properly situated into the various software repositories.

9/3/10: 0.9.10 is out! Projecting off Gmail and the current rate of releases, we'll be out of "beta" with 0.9.65 or so. Be sure to check out

  • v2/v3 support for Docs and Contacts. Manipulate arbitrary uploads, list many more details of your contacts.
  • Support for non-latin alphabets
  • Adheres to XDG base directory specification

This release may be more unstable than past ones. Be sure to (responsibly) flood the issue tracker with any oddities you encounter.

7/28/10: Uploaded 0.9.9 tar and deb. Windows exe will be up once the Windows machine is found and unpacked.

Highlights for this release include

  • Download and edit of new-version Google Docs
  • Video upload and download for Picasa
  • --owner option, allowing use of Picasa collaborative albums, listing other user's YouTube uploads, etc.
  • Reminders for added calendar events

6/30/10: Uploaded 0.9.8 tar, deb, and zip with Windows exe. In the most inappropriately numbered version release to date, this release includes:

  • Proper login procedure for Apps users
  • setuptools support
  • Uploading directory trees to Docs
  • Multiple-calendar tasks
and a whole lot of other stuff. Huge, huge thanks to our growing list of contributors!

6/20/10: Uploaded 0.9.7 .tar.gz and .deb packages. Keeping fingers crossed for inclusion into debian and then ubuntu. 0.9.7 adds command history to interactive mode, changes the --date semantics for calendar, and adds list-groups, add-groups and delete-groups features to contacts. Plus some miscellaneous bugfixes. Thanks in particular to ericvw and aripollak who contributed patches!

6/19/10: Wow! What an announcement! Thanks to everyone who's been checking out GoogleCL, and special thanks for the dozens upon dozens of new issues in the tracker.

Older You can now grab a Debian/Ubuntu/etc. package or gzipped tar archive of GoogleCL! Check the Downloads tab.

Development / Contributing

The more the merrier. Check out the wiki page on contributing.


The gdata-python-client library.

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