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Issue 7010: Please add OpenCV library to Python platform
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Status:  Accepted
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Reported by, Feb 27, 2012
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) already has a Python interface implemented.

More info at:
Feb 27, 2012
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Status: Acknowledged
Labels: Language-Python27 Component-Runtime log-6077578
May 9, 2012
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Status: Accepted
Mar 6, 2013
The issue is accepted at May 9,2012, but not yet implemented. Doesn't it seem strange?
May 29, 2013
Is this fixed yet?
Sep 26, 2013
I see this issue is accepted sixteen months ago.  Does that imply that it is on Google's (GAE's) to-do list?  If so, can we get some status of where development is at?  If not, can there be some public note that it will not be taken up?  I would love to see OpenCV supported on GAE.
Jan 12, 2014
Would very much also like to see OpenCV library available... admittedly that would mean being able support C, which is probably the challenge. Once that's up and running then OpenCV should be pretty simple. But I presume C is too low level that they may have to change security a lot to stop people abusing C to cause all sorts of damage.
Jan 13, 2014
It does not require any security change. Google already has 3rd party libraries written in C. What is not allowed is for us developers to write C code, and that won't change. You can develop your app calling OpenCV with Python handlers.
Jan 13, 2014
>You can develop your app calling OpenCV with Python handlers.
How does one do this? Any help or pointers to help are appreciated!
Jan 13, 2014
What I mean is, if Google adds OpenCV as a supported 3rd party library, you would be able to use it in your app with pure Python. That's what this issue thread is about.

Here's background:
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