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Issue 5821: Marketplace for Google App Engine apps
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Reported by, Sep 8, 2011
Would like to have a Marketplace for Google App Engine apps, where 

From the end-user's perspective :

1. Anyone who is interested in using Google App Engine can browse for apps by category, read reviews, etc.,.
2. Install it directly into their own Google App Engine account (either associated to a normal Google account or a Google Apps user account).
3. Use it for a trial period and later pay for app ($9/month minimum + additional usage charges), of which Google pays the developer a percentage.

From the developer's perspective :

1. Any developer can build an apps on Google App Engine and mark their app as available for sale, from within Google App Engine dashboard. 
2. Option to restrict source code download (on by default) for such paid deployments.
3. Option to specify the GData APIs used within the app.

Nice to have features :
1. Developers have options to mark specific versions as "stable", "development" and enable customers to move to latest stable version at their own convenient time (after N-days/weeks, automatic/on-weekends).

It will also be better to be part of the Google Apps marketplace, for which I believe Google App Engine and Google Apps folks will have to co-ordinate.

Star this if you are a developer betting on Google App Engine.

Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011
There already is a Google Apps Marketplace:

You can put your AppEngine apps there.

Customers are mainly interested in features, they mostly don't care which backend you use.
Sep 11, 2011
@comment 2:
The original feature request also mentions about the Google Apps Marketplace, and that it will be better to be integrated as part of that marketplace. 

The requested Google App Engine marketplace support is to enable easier, widespread adoption of the GAE platform. Currently for a Google App Engine app to be used by multiple customers, the app has to be designed in a multi-tenant fashion, segmenting data, which is actually the easier part. Allocating server resources for the multi-tenant customers in a fair way is actually very tough, unless each app starts metering requests.

With the proposed click-to-install option (which can be part of Google Apps Marketplace, which already has an "install" option), the app automatically gets it own resource based billing. Each customer can buy resources as deemed required for her organization. Developers need not worry about segmenting data too.

Without this support, each Google App Engine developer has to get the customer to sign up for Google App Engine, create an app-instance, invite her as a developer and the developer then needs to disable source downloads and then upload the code. It will only help the developers if these steps are automated and available as click-to-install option.

Better adoption rates and paying customers are good for the GAE platform, as well as for the developers who love working on it.

Sep 12, 2011
Very good point, Would it be possible to have billing broken down by tenant in a multi-tenant app. Accurate and fine-grained billing metrics are the key. They are also a good defence against moral hazard, not least on Google's part due to scheduler bugs/resource issues causing unnecessary instances. A GAE account holder should have some programmatic means of "reconciling" his app throughput with his bill, perhaps not cent for cent but accurate enough so as to build trust.
Sep 14, 2011
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Sep 21, 2011
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Status: Acknowledged
Dec 28, 2011
#7 Moshe.Beeri
I also would like to have this option, got to this post by searching for a way to charge my app (Restful Web Service running on GAE) users for usage. 
paying Google for my app usage and make the profit for my development.
Apr 19, 2012
Competition has woken up to this potential : AWS Marketplace

Delivery : Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Description : AMI software is immediately available to the customer for deployment on AWS infrastructure. The customer deploys and runs the software under his or her own AWS account. AWS Marketplace takes care of billing and payments.

Customer Experience : The customer discovers the software by browsing or searching AWS Marketplace. If interested, the customer simply clicks to acquire the software. The software is immediately available to the customer for deployment on AWS infrastructure through the customer’s software library.
May 4, 2012
Allowing others to install my apps into their App Engine accounts and having Google handle payments per user/per month/per usage etc. would be really great.

The best way for me to charge for a Service is per user per month. On the other side, the App Engine costs are per use and nearly impossible to predict. I now have two options: Charge per user per month and carry the risk that the customers may produce more App Engine costs than they are paying. Or I can try to implement a complicated (and expensive to implement) accounting and billing infrastructure to track usage costs and pass them through to the user. I also carry the additional cost/security risk of developing a multi-tenant application.

Nearly everyone who wants to sell App Engine based services has this problem. Life would be much easier if I could tell my customers that the Service will cost $5 per user and month, in addition to their App Engine costs. My apps are easier to implement, I don't have to worry about accounting and billing, the customers can upgrade on their own time, and, most of all: the pricing model is easy and straight forward to explain, so its an easier sell.

Hey Google, if you do that, you cold even take 30%.

Jul 17, 2012
Yes please, this would make delivering "cloud apps" analogous to "phone apps", and finally make the cloud market go viral.  Does Google have the vision to make this happen?
Jan 3, 2013
Are there any GAE project managers out there that could comment on whether this is a direction that Google will be moving?

This approach would allow Google to extend their current canned "Google Apps" to a full marketplace - like the mobile phone app marketplace but having a server/cloud component that enables collaborative apps which could be a boon for the small business market.
Aug 1, 2014
Project Member #12
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Aug 1, 2014
#13 faction.gregory
Aug 1, 2014
#14 marfalkov
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