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Issue 3856: Automatically include unit testing JARs in build path of GAE apps created with plugin
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Status:  Acknowledged
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Reported by, Oct 11, 2010
Setting up unit tests with the java SDK is a pain.  Yes, this document explains how to do it:

...which is great, except that every time a new SDK version comes out we need to manually set up the unit test environment again, either by copying new jars into our project or by creating a new User Library in Eclipse and adding the individual jars.  This work is tedious, and puts opensource projects in an awkward position: either add megabytes of appengine jars to version control, or force newbie developers to figure out how to set up the User Library.

It would be preferable if GAE made this less painful for us.  Two possibilities come to mind:

1) Include the unit testing jars in the normal eclipse SDK library
2) Have the plugin automatically create a testing Eclipse Library that can be added to our project

Unit testing is important... please make it a less janky part of the Appengine experience.  Thanks.
Jan 4, 2011
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Summary: Automatically include unit testing JARs in build path of GAE apps created with plugin
Status: Acknowledged
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Feature Component-EclipsePlugin
Jul 19, 2013
There ought to be a feature to autofind all libraries required for an app.
I am an app engine newbie - an am getting into all kinds of difficulties - where do I download a library from?? where do I put it having downloaded?? How do I reference it?? - IT is all very frustrating!!. Round and Round in Circles!! GrrHH!!
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