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Issue 5379: Confirm logging compiles out of generated scaffold apps
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Status:  Invalid
Closed:  Oct 2010

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Project Member Reported by, Oct 10, 2010
Found in GWT Release (e.g. 1.5.3, 1.6 RC):

2.1 RC1

Detailed description (please be as specific as possible):

Chris Ramsdale commented:

Improvements to logging that are scheduled for M4

Todo: Confirm that logging in scaffold compiles out when logging is disabled

Done: Make sure logging example is in dist
Done: Show de-obfuscated stack traces in the RequestFactoryRemoteLogHandler
Done: Send Json across the wire rather than just messages
Done: Show stack traces in the client side handlers as appropriate
Done: Move LoggingRequest to RF subclasses
Done: Fix the logging example

Not Planned: Send a LogRecord accross the wire rather than Json (this is blocked on ability to send arbitrary objects across the wire which will not be implemented for this release)
Not Planned: Make RFRLogHandler able to send multiple LogRecords accross the wire, and have it send logs every X seconds rather than right away. Instead, we will just get this for free when RF starts to do batching of all requests.

Ray Ryan added a comment - 03/Jun/10 4:29 PM
Note the existing roo logging command. Do we honor it? Parallel it? gwt log?

Ray Ryan added a comment - 16/Jun/10 3:48 PM
Decoupling this from user action tracking, which may or may not make 2.1

Ray Ryan added a comment - 03/Sep/10 2:56 AM
In dev mode, when I hit this log line:

public void onUncaughtException(Throwable e) { Window.alert("Error: " + e.getMessage()); log.log(Level.SEVERE, e.getMessage(), e); }

I see only this in my terminal window, even though I'm passing in the throwable e:

[ERROR] SEVERE: Client Side Logger: com.springsource.extrack.gwt.scaffold.Scaffold Message: One or more exceptions caught, see full set in UmbrellaException#getCauses

Note the lack of a stack trace. The dev mode console, on the other hand, prints it.

Chris Ramsdale added a comment - 09/Sep/10 8:19 PM
Marking this as Minor...we need to make sure we flesh it out, with an eye towards App Engine.

Shortest code snippet which demonstrates issue (please indicate where
actual result differs from expected result):

Links to relevant GWT Developer Forum posts:
Oct 13, 2010
This actually is an adon-gwt issue. Closing this and re-opening the Jira ticket
Status: Invalid
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