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Issue 5360: Allow CellTable headers/footers to be refreshed
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Oct 2010

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Reported by, Oct 8, 2010
Found in GWT Release (e.g. 1.5.3, 1.6 RC):
2.1 RC

Detailed description (please be as specific as possible):
Currently, CellTable headers and footers do not refresh, even if they depend on the value of the Cells.  We can add a boolean to CellTable, or just refresh them everytime.
I'm making an ajax call to fill data into a CellTable, which has a total footer. However, the total gets calc'd when there are 0 rows (so says $0) and then does not get redrawn when the rows come back from the server.

Being able to manually flip the headersStale flag is what I need. Though if this were to happen automatically on setData/something, that would be cool too
Oct 13, 2010
committed as r9042
Status: FixedNotReleased
Oct 29, 2010
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Status: Fixed
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