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  4 Enhancement Accepted Low 2008   "There was an error in your form, please try again" -- when not logged in.  
  7 Enhancement accepted Low 2008   Ability to view/review the data that was submitted for an Organisation Application  
  11 Defect New Low ----   Viewing profile loses latitude on location map  
  17 Enhancement New Low 2008   Ability to download the student application data for off-line reviewing  
  19 Enhancement New Low 2008   RSS for new Student Applications  
  21 Enhancement New Low 2008   editing gsoc application summary line  
  23 Enhancement New Low 2008   enhancements to email notification functionality  
  42 Enhancement New Low 2008   Duplicate submission of an application for SOC  
  43 Enhancement New Low 2008   Two student applications submitted if "Submit" button pressed twice  
  44 Enhancement New Low 2008   Make URLs in applications clickable  
  46 Defect New Low 2008   'Mark Ineligible' should probably be 'Report Spam'  
  50 Enhancement New Low 2008   Keep application listing on same page after adding comment or eval  
  60 Defect New Low 2008   can't tell which have already been evaluated/commented on  
  61 Defect New Low 2008   Monitoring changes/comments on applications  
  63 Other New Low 2008   Prevalent Not-Invented-Here syndrome on web interfaces  
  67 Enhancement New Low 2008   enhancement: show more scoring data in the table view  
  70 Defect New Low 2008   Feature Request: Make the "prominent notice" for applicants with mentors in other projects more promenient  
  72 Enhancement New Low 2008   App CSV download should be shareable Google Spreadsheet  
  78 Defect New Low 2008   Mentor applications: enhancement  
  101 Enhancement Accepted Low 2008   Mentor applications validation  
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