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Issue 70: Feature Request: Make the "prominent notice" for applicants with mentors in other projects more promenient
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Status:  New

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Reported by, Mar 29, 2007
Right now, the GSoC mentor webapp produces a very prominent notice when a
student has been assigned a mentor in other projects

However, this notice seems to be only visible when viewing the full
application. It is *not* possible to find conflicts by only looking at the
application *list*. At least not for my project :).

It would be nice if the list view of all applications could add a simple
marker to applications with conflicts (maybe display a red C in the
relevant line or so).
Apr 2, 2007
Thanks for the feature request.
Owner: LHospo
Labels: -Priority-Medium Priority-Low Milestone-2008
Apr 21, 2007
Note that this is really the same as  issue#84 .  Does Google's issue tracker have the
ability to mark an issue as a duplicate?
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