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The gEDA Project is a confederation of roughly 25 developers who work on CAD tools (programs) used for electronic design. The tools are designed to work on Linux and other unices. Some of the tools share a link library, and some are stand-alone. In general, users invoke the programs individually from the unix command line (or a desktop icon). However, we are currently developing a "project manager" which will tie many of the tools into a common entry point.

Amongst the tools in the project are:

gschem -- a program used to draw schematic diagrams of circuits. pcb -- a program used to design PCBs (printed circuit boards). gerbv -- a program used to view and validate PCBs. Gnucap -- a program used to analyze and simulate analog circuits (equivalent

to SPICE).
Icarus Verilog -- a program used in design and analysis of logic circuits. gwave -- a program used to view the output of Gnucap, ngspice, and other
circuit simulators.

In all, the gEDA Project encompasses around 18 programs which may be used in electronic design. A full list of our tools may be found here:

Our CAD tools are used by students, educators, hobbiests, small consultants, and even in engineering groups in larger companies.

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