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Issue 6: 50.000 pages from my website flagged as forgery by mistake and unindexed from google
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Reported by, Mar 29, 2010
The website has been flagged as a phishing/forgery website
by mistake. This warning (Reported Web Forgery) is displayed on near 50.000
internal pages under

I received a message from Google webmaster tools on November 2009,
notifying me of forgery problem. The URL specified on the message was
As that URL does not exist, at that time I considered it was an error from
Google, and I filled the "Incorrect Phishing Warning" form with the url
specified and the main domain (

Now since 3/26/10 all the pages under are flagged
(more than 50.000 internal pages), and all those pages was totally
unindexed and removed from Google search results
( has no results).

This is a totally clean and safe website, working since two years ago
without problems, I have checked the whole server for phishing or malware
code and its clean. I need please a solution for this mistake.

Jun 17, 2011
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