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Understanding expressions.
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• 1-People & issues that I connect with. 2-Lack of conflict with family commitments. 3-Belief that my efforts will make a difference. 4-My history with an activity. • age, tired of /not interested in meetings" (too many in past life),change in physical capabilities • already stated I want a more deeply spiritual experience • amount of time available per week and balancing USNF with competing demands for my uncommitted time • As stated before. • Availability and area of involvement. if I'm needed • Available time within other commitments • available time, energy, health that must be divided up among life's activities and obligations • balancing my other commitments, how well organized the committee/event etc. is (clear mission, goals, efficient meetings & scheduling, all members of team equally committed) • Balancing other commitments in my life. • Being personally asked to help out Finding something that resonates with me • Belonging to a community means contributing to it with any gifts I have to offer. In return, I always receive more than what I give in a connective way. • Busy life. Not much of a 'joiner'. Not wanting to give up weekend mornings and/or conflicts on weekends • Busyness in the rest of my life • children opted out of RE as teens spouse wanted Sunday mornings for home I found the need to expand social dynamics • comfort with the congregation and the minister • Commitments in the other parts of my life • Community Supporting activities, Partner Church, Pastoral Friends, Interfaith Help Fund • Competing demands on my time. Appeal of individual activities as they come up. • Conflicts with other commitments are one factor regarding weekly attendance at services. Another is how I feel when considering attending a service e.g. happy, excited. Then how I feel before, during and after the service influences how I feel when I consider going again. • Declining health of my husband; my own increasing age • demands of crazy family life • Difficult to answer. It has a lot to do with my time of life, and changing personal interests and concerns. • Distance • encouragement from the board, minister, committee members, congregants • Factors outside the UU. Working more to make ends meet, sometimes on Sundays. • Feeling connected to a community and wanting to help foster the growth of the community. • feeling of connection with others • Finding causes that I want to get involved with and intellectual activities. • Grand children, family commitment, travel • Have limited time right now but want to get back to UU and see if it works - I do miss everyone! • Haven't been here long enough. I have commitments that take me out of town a great deal. • Having a minster that is a good fit for our congregation - one who provides appropriate spiritual guidance, wise leadership, and calls us to practice our mission and live in a way that is true to our UU values. Also, I have found that my increasing involvement gives me a greater sense of belonging here and a deeper connection to the congregation and its mission. My life has more meaning and purpose when I am actively involved. • health • health/age • Honestly, the connections with people I have made over the years has been very important and probably the most important influence. I am also very interested in spiritual growth and religious answers to the issues we face in life. • I don't think there are any factors except my health. I am a UU and believe I will be a UU (and actively involved) until death. • I have a new job which is very demanding. My son is heavily involved in activities that necessitate my supervision/support. Time, time, time. • I have been a non-participating member for about 8 years now - combination of my kids finishing RE and my own spiritual path becoming more centered in Buddhism, meditation, and Integral Spiritual Practice • I look for sermons that I help me focus on my values and goals throughout the week. I react negatively to the characterization of those who liked Victoria Safford's inspirational sermons as clinging to the past. Other people have given inspirational and relevant sermons that have given me something to "take home". It seems to me that there was a change in this congregation to pull back from talking about hot, current, relevant topics during the interim minister period. Perhaps this is a denominational choice, but it doesn't draw me. Life-threatening climate chaos and the epidemic of dominance at the expense of other on national, corporate, religious, racial, and personal levels are my concerns. I would be drawn to a congregation that is energetically involved in vital spiritual and secular activities to end the assault on life on earth including the assault on our life-giving atmosphere and foster vibrant, nurturing connections to life on our precious and fragile earth. • I love the place and the people • I think of myself as very involved, but the truth is that I'm a bit less involved, certainly less so than I'd like to be. My job has changed in the last couple of years, and it has an impact on the time I've been able to give to USNF and other parts of my life. • I want to feel I have a spiritual home and a caring community. I want nourishing music and sermons. I do think the music director is outstanding and so is the choir. • I want to increase my involvement (I was very involved for a long stretch of time through the 90's & 00's.) I believe I have turned a corner recently and will be attending more often once again. • Illness in family; financial burdens • I'm new. As I get to know people, and people come to know me, my level of participation is likely to increase. I guess the factor that influences level of involvement is personal familiarity. You know, a church isn't going to entrust just anyone with commitments or activities. They have to be earned, in a manner of speaking. So there needs to be opportunities to get to know one another. • interest and ability • It is an important part of my life. • It used to be the fact that the kids had RE. Now it is the board, so I guess it's the commitment to others that influencing me, not my own "needs". • It was my children in RE. I would like to become more involved. • It's a two-way street. I must be willing to volunteer for activities--but good opportunities for doing so must be presented. • I've been a member for over 20 years, but have not been active in more than 10 years. My Sunday schedule has been full, but I'm planning on making room in my schedule on Sundays to attend and become more involved during 2014. Looking forward to being there again! • kids' schedules • Lack of "Beloved Community" • Level of understanding of the society and development of connections • More families, if we came more regularly. Timing is difficult for our family - 9:15 is too early, 11 are too late. • My age • My age and past levels of involvement in other congregations. • My family capacity to participate and the extent to which I am committed to volunteer work elsewhere. • My family's needs • My job and my social justice work have reduced my level of involvement. • My level of involvement has more to do with other, outside factors in my life. My devotion to USNF does not change - how much time I have does from year to year with career changes, enrolled/not enrolled in higher education degree programs, ages of my children. Some years I am on committees, some years I am not. So it continues to go up and down. • My level of involvement is most influenced by my level of involvement. If I am doing anything in the society then I get more involved and if I do not have anything that I am doing then I get less involved. I particularly like being involved with RE and social Justice. But sometimes adult Ed is good too. • my mental health • My other outside commitments. (and small children I’m responsible for) • my outside commitments, work issues • my own spiritual journey and my introvert nature • My own time and capacity • My personal schedule, I would like to have the time to be more involved. • My primary faith community is nearer my home, and at this time I need shared silence and a willingness to occasionally name God. Also, for decades I have been active with the American Service Committee (Quaker peace & justice organization) so it is a natural to continue that commitment. • My schedule! • My story is not really generalizable since, as a someone moving toward professional ministry, my decreasing involvement with USNF has unique factors that do not apply to others and are not a reflection of something going right or wrong... • my time availability, the time of events • My time available. I live at some distance from the UU, so don't come as often as I might, if I lived closer. • my work schedule and my family's schedule • None, apparently. I'm there in good times and bad. • On the involved side, commitment to the congregation and to my children's involvement in RE. Factors that make me inclined to be less involved are a general sense of over commitment across work/family/church and a decreasing sense of connection and inspiration (for me, not in general) at USNF. • Open-Ended Response • Other activities which take my time. • Other time commitments • outside commitments • People listening to our needs and actively encouraging us (calling, inviting not just suggesting) that we become involved, We moved here a couple of months ago from another part of the country and still feel the loss of our old congregation. • project gains my interest, folks I wish to be with are involved, need to express a point of view, might do something because no one else will and it needs to be done • RE program • Right now mostly what I do is attend Sunday services. I've been traveling lately and so I've missed many Sundays and gotten out of the rhythm of attending. I still read the pioneer and all the emails I receive. I think it really helps me to attend things€¦as I'm filling out this survey I'm realizing maybe there are more events I could be attending besides services? • Sadly geography. • See above - I've found another spiritual community now... • Sense of community, common beliefs and values, a safe place - I love that feeling, the experience of Sunday worship. Competing with this are time constraints and other demands. • Services, friendships, music • Since I'm so new to the church, I'm not sure how to get involved. I have volunteered at other community events that are involved in support the community - food and clothing collects/distribution, but it’s important to do these support activities with other members of the UU community as a group. • Social connections with individual people and Identification with the values of committee topics. • Social Justice concerns. Services • social service/climate action; Sunday services • task force and wife on the board Greg and cooking on valentine’s day • The amount of time and energy I have outside of work and family responsibilities. • The aspect of working on a team on the Climate Action Group and the amount I enjoy the Sunday services. • The fact that we live 2 hours away during the week. We would be at the Society more if we didn't work in Boston. • The intrinsic interest of the activity • The needs of the Society, and whether I feel I can make a contribution that will matter. • The thought that more people working for towards a goal (of social justice) will have bigger affect. • The time of life for me and my family. The children are grown and I am fully committed but somewhat less engaged than I was for many years. • The wonderful people • There is little to no notice of the gay committee, all else is not my political interest. I would participate in more intellectual activities as well. • There seems to be no other young adults when I attend services. • Time • Time & interest • Time and desire to be less involved than I was in the past. • Time and energy • Time and my health. The Unitarian Society is important to me and feels like my spiritual home. I used to be much more involved in the past and I hope to be more involved in the future when and if my health improves. • Time and other commitments • time availability • Time available. Family concerns. • Time available; fit with my values and life stage, sense of obligation to others; habit; inspiration or lack thereof • too far from where I am living at present • Topics of service, activities, time, how it impacts community, and how it makes me feel inside - how it feeds my soul. • Transportation is the controlling factor. • Typically I'd just say time and interest..More likely to be active in areas that provide both community and soul-satisfying opportunities. As a new person, however, my level of involvement will be shaped largely by the extent to which various opportunities & activities feel accessible (practically, socially and psychically) to me. • Wanting to be more engaged in a spiritual community • Wanting to become more active and contribute. • what is available for my children/youth • What the society needs; how much time I have; how meaningful / nourishing I find the activity. • When my son joined the Youth Group 4 years ago, I stepped up my involvement 1) to fulfill my RE Coop commitment, but also because I had a little more free time. • Whether I feel well enough? • While I have respect for the current minister, I don't feel connected to her the way I did my previous minister. My experience at your church is not as engaging as I would have hoped. • Work

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