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Issue 23: When JSNI start brace is partially starter method body auto completion fails
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Nov 2011

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Project Member Reported by, Nov 21, 2011
When JSNI start brace is partially starter and JSNI method body auto completion is tried, it sometimes gives suggestions clicking on which the method body along with a complete start brace follows the already typed partial brace. And sometimes it doesn't give any suggestions...

Nov 21, 2011
Project Member #1

Modification has been done to support JSNI block auto-complete when JSNI open brace is partially opened... But one particular case is yet to be handled... If the JSNI block is completeley opened (i.e. it has /*-{), and is followed by a JSNI method, the auto-complete doesn't work if there are no comments of the form /*...*/ before end of the JSNI method...
Status: Fixed
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