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In January 2006, Google contracted with CodeWeavers to improve Wine to run Picasa version 2.2 properly. Some of the changes fix bugs in Wine; others implement previously unimplemented features. This effort resulted in 225 patches committed to winehq between 1 January and 18 April 2006. See the list below, or download the exact Wine source tarball used for Picasa 2.2 (14 MB).

We also asked a few interns (Benjamin Arai, Dan Hipschman, James Hawkins, and Thomas Kho), to improve a few areas of wine (e.g. oleaut32, widl, msi, and riched20). Together they committed about 300 patches to the winehq git tree.

During 2007, we continued to improve Picasa, committing a few dozen patches to the winehq git tree. See the patches by Lei Zhang and Nigel Liang below.

We also contracted with Codeweavers to improve Wine so it could run Photoshop CS2 properly. As a result, about 200 patches were committed to winehq, and as of wine-0.9.54, Photoshop CS2 is quite usable.

But wait, there's more! We also asked a few interns (Dan Hipschman, Evan Stade, James Hawkins, Jennifer Lai, Juan Lang, MikoĊ‚aj Zalewski, and Roy Shea) to improve a few areas of Wine (e.g. widl, gdiplus, msi, crypt32, and BITS), to get a few apps working better, and to scrape together a win16 conformance test. During 2007, the interns committed about a thousand patches.

In 2008, we further improved support for Picasa and Photoshop, and fixed a few other bugs as well

Thanks again to Codeweavers and our interns (Maarten Lankhorst, Roy Shea, and Zac Brown) for a great job.

The following pages list the patches described above, in reverse chronological order. (Note: although some care was taken in constructing this list, it may still contain some errors. Sorry if we've missed anything!)

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